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MFI Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Containers & bottles are widely used across various industries as the prominent choice for packaging fluids & other items due to their advanced & durable build quality. However, the process of making bottles is not as simple as it seems. It starts with polymer resins or granules that are turned into the preform bottle stage and then into the final product.

The process of converting polymer granules into preforms can be very complicated for a manufacturer until & unless they are well aware of the molten value of the polymer resins or granules that will be converted into the preform of bottles or containers.

The evaluation of the melt flow rate or molting rate of these polymer granules is extremely crucial. To curb this issue of evaluation of melt flow rate, a highly advanced and technically sound lab testing instrument is offered by the Presto Group, called the melt flow index tester, widely known as MFI tester.

The instrument is an outcome of precision-based engineering and top-notch R&D which has allowed manufacturers from all across industries to attain the correct melt flow rate of granules and resins for precise melting & conversion into the preform followed by the final product.

To understand how the MFI testing machine achieves such high standards of accuracy & precision, it becomes necessary to take a look at the functioning of the lab testing instrument.

Functioning Module of the MFI Tester

The instrument is made with an extremely ergonomic structure to ensure ease of testing and its simplistic equipment allows the operator to get familiar with the workings of the machine and perform tests adeptly.

To initiate the melt flow test, the operator has to place the polymer granules & resins into the testing barrel. Once the granules & resins are placed correctly (as per the size of the barrel & guidelines of designated standards) the operator can simply use the press tool to eradicate any sort of air gap present between the pressure assembly called piston and the granules of the polymer.

The instrument has SSR-based heaters integrated into the testing chamber that elevate the temperature inside the testing chamber up to 400 degrees Celsius and thus ensure the melting of the polymer granules.

Once the polymer granules are elevated to such high temperatures under a piston forcing certain pressure, these granules tend to flow off the die at the bottom of the testing chamber.

The instrument is designed with a rotating cutter, right at the die's opening. This opening of the die is carved in such a way that the molten granules come out in a stick-shaped formation, allowing the rotating cutter to cut them into equal proportions.

These stick-shaped molten granules are collected on the stainless steel plate provided with the instrument. The operator can now simply test the weight of the specimen collected on the circular plate & calculate the melt flow rate of the specimen using the simple MFI formula.

MFI Formula = Grams /10 minutes

The weight collected in the SI unit of grams every 10 minutes is the MFI of the specimen.

The testing is accurate, precise, quick, and yet easy to conduct because of the futuristic attributes that the MFI machine is equipped with, acknowledging these features is extremely important.

Futuristic Attributes of the MFI Tester

The MFI tester is equipped with highly advanced features that ensure accuracy-driven outcomes with absolute facile. These features also contribute to minimizing human effort & maximizing technology inputs.

The first & foremost feature that has stood out of all the other features is the inculcation of additional accessories provided to ensure the longevity of the instrument. The MFI testing machine is equipped with a press tool for clearing out the air gap between the piston & the specimen, the instrument is offered with a barrel alignment as well as a die cleaner to ensure accurate testing measures. Along with these accessories, it is also offered with a stainless steel circular plate for cleaning & specimen collection purposes.

The weight assembly of the instrument can also be adjusted as it is equipped with 1-5 kg weight to comply with the guidelines of different standards, allowing manufacturers to store a sense of trust in the instrument.

The MFI tester has an advanced testing chamber integrated with barrel heaters that ensure quick & adept elevation of temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. Such high temperatures in minimal time allow the operator to conduct the test with maximum facile.

The operator can also adjust the rotations of the rotating cutter situated right outside the die to cut the molten granules & resins coming out of it. This encourages single-handed testing to another level & promotes facile testing measures.

The MFI machine is also equipped with a microprocessor-based digital display that indicates the rotations of the cutter and allows the operator to keep a check on the testing measures. The display allows the operator to keep track of results due to its memory hold feature.

The firm construction of the instrument has also drawn the attention of numerous manufacturers from various industries as the equipment of the machine is constructed with mild steel & stainless steel material with a coating of a unique & special 7-layered powder paint that avoids rusting & corrosion for a longer period of time and thus enhances the durability of the instrument.  

Get Your Hands on the Top-Quality MFI Tester Right Away

To ascertain the melt flow index of the polymer granules or resins, you can simply get yourself the finest lab testing instrument – the MFI tester designed by the Presto Group. Do not wait any further and pick up your phone to place an order at +91 9210903903 or reach out to us with queries & questions at You can also attain further knowledge about this & other lab testing equipment by visiting our website.  We aim to serve your needs with accuracy-driven solutions.

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