Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for PET Bottles

PET Bottles in Different Verticals

PET Bottles are used in production houses to satisfy the purpose of safe and easy packaging of liquids, chemicals, drugs, beverages, carbonated drinks, edible items and so forth. The main reason behind the use of PET bottles in different verticals is its various features.  The PET bottles are non-reactive to chemicals; they can be molded easily in any shape and size, different colors and designed for PET bottles can be produced to their characteristics. All these characteristics of PET bottles make the ideal for storing different types of products as well as food items. These bottles ensure the best protection of the liquids that are packed inside and help the manufacturers to ensure their customers that the product which is packed inside is of high quality and completely safe to use.

Testing Quality of PET Bottles

The manufacturer needs to make use of high-quality testing machines to ensures the quality of various attribute of the PET bottles such as section weight analysis, perpendicularity, even wall thickness, transparency, strain distribution, base clearance, top load or compression strength, the torque of bottle caps, leak integrity, and many more. All the mentioned attributes must be satisfied completely by bottles to serve best quality product to the customers. In order to provide best products the customers, the manufacturer of the PET bottles need to run different quality testing on the bottles for which they require high-quality testing machines that offer best results to the customers with a great rate of accuracy.

Pet Bottle

Section Weight Analysis

The major test procedure which is conducted on the PET bottles is Section Weight Analysis. The section weight is carried out to assure the uniform distribution of material in all the sections of the bottles i.e. Top, Cylinder, and bottom to ensure uniform material distribution and even weight of all the sections of a bottle according to the size & shape of the bottles. For best results of section weight analysis, it is mandatory to cut the bottle smoothly into different sections without distorting the edges of the sections. This type of testing is known as destructive testing.

How Section Weight Analysis Test help in Quality Analysis?

The even distribution and equal load division prevent the bottles from frequent falling. But the question arises that how can you decide that the beverages or liquids bottle have equal load distribution? The section weight analysis is done to check whether each part of the bottle is efficient to tolerate the load of the product efficiently. The PET industry needs to perform section weight inspection to ensure the equal section weight distribution by cutting the bottles in multiple sections smoothly. The best testing device which is used to cut the bottles in a different section is Hot Wire Bottle Cutter.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

Hot Wire Bottle cutter is a highly appropriate and perfect testing machine that helps to smoothly cut the bottles to perform perfect weight analysis without affecting the actual shape of the bottles. Size and shape of the packaging bottles are crucial to maintaining the safety of the products that are filled inside, for example, the carbonated soda when filled in the bottles; it can burst from the section where the material distribution is less due to high pressure. The testing tool is used to cut the bottle to test the weight of every section of the bottles individually for weight analysis. It is also available in the market by the name of section Weight Cutter, Hot Wire Cutter, PET Bottle cutter, Glass Bottle Cutter or Section Weight Analyzer.  The testing machine is provided with a digital temperature controller which controls the temperature perfectly and helps to attain stable and repeatable test results for precise analysis of section weight because the non-uniform distribution of weight in different sections can lead to defects and imperfections in the bottles. To test the same Hot Wire Bottle Cutters are used.

How to Operate Hot Wire Bottle Cutters?

While cutting the bottles using Hot Wire Bottle Cutter or Bottle Cutting Machine, the precautions of the device need to be read carefully. The instrument can easily cut the sections from 200 to 2000ml of the bottles with the maximum diameter of 110mm.  The instrument is equipped with imported kanthal wires that cut the bottle smoothly without deforming the actual shape of the bottle. Once the bottle is split into 3 or 4 sections, each section is weighed individually using the digital balance to determine whether each section has equal weight or not. It is a widely used device perform smooth cutting for section weight analysis.

Applications of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

Instead of just cutting PET bottles into multiple sections, Hot Wire Bottle Cutter also provides the provision to cut the bottles of different materials as well. Some of the applications for which Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is used are mentioned below:

  • Glass Bottle
  • Steel Bottles
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Aluminum Bottles and many

Presto Stantest, one of the renowned manufacturers of PET & Preform testing instruments, offers a wide assortment of PET & preform testing devices such as Hot Wire Bottle Cutter. The instrument is designed by the manufacturers keeping in mind the standards that are provided by various standardization authorities such as ASTM, ISO, BIS and many more which ensure  the accuracy of the results. To check the technical specifications of Presto’s Hot Wire Bottle Cutter, contact our team of experts.

To know more information about its features, price, and technical specifications, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at


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