How Does Melt Flow Index Tester Works?

How Does Melt Flow Index Tester Works
Melt Flow Index Tester is one of the most renowned testing instruments of Presto in the Plastic or Polymer Industry. It is used to calculate the Melt Flow Index value (MFI) of organic & inorganic polymer specimen, describing its quality grade.
The Melt Flow Index value of a sample is the Mass of the Melted polymer (gram) in 10 minutes at a specified temperature, pressure and weight applied.
A quality polymer is the one with MFI high enough so that the molten polymer can be easily fabricated into the desired article, but low enough that the mechanical strength of the final article is sustained for a long time. Hence, Melt Flow Index tester is the need for every polymer industry in order to assure high-quality production.

Melt Flow Index Tester Application Procedure

The Melt Flow Index Tester comprises of a piston assembly and a heated barrel to store the sample of the resins. The specific amount of load is applied to the piston of the instrument with the help of the weights that are provided with the instrument, and the melted plastic is extruded through a capillary tube. The melted plastic which is extruded in a period of ten minutes is weighed which helps to calculate the Melt Flow Index of plastic/resins and result will be expressed in grams per ten minutes. The MFI can also be calculated with the help of Melt Flow Index Formula.
In many industries, Melt Flow rate (MFR) is also known as “melt volume rate” or “mass flow rate”. With the increasing pressure on the plastic manufacturers to produce high-quality of plastic product, most of them have started using testing equipment to evaluate the quality of the incoming material and also to test the quality of the finished products.

What properties can be determined with the Melt Flow Index Tester?

 The weight of the granules in grams within the period of ten minutes is concluded as the Melt Flow rate of the plastics. The value is considered as the MFI, MI or Melt index. The instrument helps to calculate the shear stress, shear rate, molecular structure and viscosity of the polymers. The basic property that can be measured with the Melt flow test is the flow resistance and melting viscosity of the polymers at a particularly applied load and temperature.

How can you guarantee high-quality polymer with Melt Flow Index tester?

 Presto Melt Flow Index Tester results are trusted worldwide due to its Global Standardizations. The Melt Flow Index Tester obeys ASTM D 1238-1992, IS 2267-1972, IS 2530-1963 and IS 10810-1984 test standards. Also, it consists of various advanced technologies.
Key Highlights:
Microprocessor based PID controller
Automatic sample cutting
Digital Preset Timer for accuracy and repeatability
Die Steel barrel for uniform and consistent heating
HMI based Touchscreen Model
Inbuilt MFI Calculator
Temperature Vs Time output graph 
Program profile for setting test parameters
User-friendly Data Management
USB portal for storing test data
As a manufacturer in today’s competitive world, it is the first priority of every industry to create and maintain the Market Reputation among customers. 
Therefore, Quality Production is what you need to fabricate that blind eye trust of consumers towards you and Presto Testing Instruments is all you need to be the best of all.
Presto Testing Instruments, We deliver results trusted worldwide!


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