How Does the Secure Seal Tester Ensure Safe & Secure Packaging of Glass Bottles?

Secure Seal Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The industry of beverages, liquor & pharma largely depends on glass bottles for the packaging of their fluid products. These fluid-based products cannot be packed inside plastic bottles due to certain reasons like the chemical reaction that the packed fluid might cause when it comes in contact with the plastics & polymers, plastic bottles are affordable which makes them look cheap and the premium quality beverages & liquor brands promise diminishes.

The glass bottles came to the rescue and revolutionized the entire industry with their quality and unreactive properties that made sure that the fluid packed inside remained in the best of condition and did not get contaminated.

However, these glass bottles have closures on top of them which are not made of plastic like other bottles. The material used to provide seal integrity to these glass bottles can be aluminum, soft metals, and other related materials. This is where the testing standards become so crucial as these bottles undergo testing to ensure that the closures of their bottles are durable enough to maintain a certain level of integrity and avoid any sort of leakage, once sealed.

To evaluate the seal integrity as per the standard compliance, the Presto Group offers a lab testing instrument that is constructed with adherence to the state-of-the-art technology called the secure seal tester for bottles.

The secure seal tester for bottles is a lab testing equipment that is designed with absolute precision to evaluate the integrity of these closures and determine the leakages if any.

Let us take a look at how exactly the secure seal tester for glass bottles functions to achieve highly accurate results.

Performing the Seal Integrity Test with Secure Seal Tester for Bottles

The secure seal tester manufacturer has constructed the instrument in a way that supports hassle-free and easy testing to avoid any kind of issues during the test and ensure accuracy at the same time.

To begin with the test, it is necessary to condition the specimen (glass bottle) with the help of a puncture pin provided along with the secure seal tester. The puncture pin is inserted from the top of the bottle closure. Make sure that the puncture remains intact and steady.

The sample placement chamber is filled with water up to an extent till the bottle getting tested submerges completely into the water. Once the sample is positioned correctly, the puncture pin is attached with a PU inlet pipe.

The PU inlet pipe is responsible for exerting air pressure inside the bottle through the puncture pin as the air pressure will force pressure on the closure and in the case of a leakage the released air will come in contact with the water surrounding the specimen which will lead to bubbling.

The bubbling effect can easily be seen through the acrylic window at the wall of the testing chamber, made for a better assessment by the operator of the secure seal tester for bottles.

The HMI-based touchscreen associated with the outside wall of the instrument indicates the results of the testing that depicts the highest air pressure that the specimen could withstand before suffering leakage.

Undertaking this testing measure with the help of the secure seal tester is highly necessary for the beverage industry majorly because aerated drinks lose all their fizz even in case of a minimal leakage which hampers consumer satisfaction and thus affects brand reputation.

The equipment is offered with high-quality features as well, which ensure the testing experience becomes even more seamless and make sure that the instrument achieves the highest accuracy.

Top-Notch Attributes of the Secure Seal Tester for Bottles

These attributes of the secure seal tester have helped the operators to perform testing with facile and have therefore grabbed the attention of manufacturers facing issues with closures from bottle manufacturing, beverage, liquor, or other related industries.

The seal tester has a top load mechanism that enables the operator to fill the chamber with water and also places the specimen inside the working chamber with ease and no issues at all as the top loading mechanism enhances the maneuverability.

The secure seal tester for bottles is offered with a puncture pin that carves into the top of the closure and allows the operator to minimize the human effort for the placement of the PU inlet port. The minimal human effort not only expedites the testing process but also assures accuracy.

The instrument is equipped with a very well-thought window-cut layout covered with acrylic material outside the testing chamber that allows the operator to keep a check on the specimen at all times during the conduction of the test.

The lab testing equipment has a futuristic HMI-based touchscreen. The touchscreen enhances the testing experience to great heights as it allows the operator to profile the specimen before the conduction of the test as well as record results with easy history management settings.

The HMI-based touchscreen enables the operator to keep track of records and critically analyze the results from the previous ones for comparison purposes. The obtained results can also be viewed in a graphical representation for a better assessment and evaluation. To derive these results one can select both PDF & Excel formats.

The secure seal tester is constructed with stainless steel & mild steel material that enhances the longevity & durability of the instrument as it is layered with powder paint that contributes to its beautiful aesth etics.


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