How to Solve the Consequences of Metamerism?

How to Solve the Consequences of Metamerism

Human beings are all surrounded by different colors. Colors help to define the products such as blue for the sky and red for blood. Colors are also used to indicate the quality of the products, use of the product and type of product. Moreover, colors are used to enhance the appearance of the products. Appealing colors helps to grab the attention of the customers and influence the buying decision of the customers. Hence, the manufacturers of different production verticals put great emphasis on the color quality and appearance of the products. Vibrant colors explain that the quality of the product is up to the mark and dull colors show that the product is of inferior quality.

How to measure the color quality of products?

To ensure the color quality of the products, manufacturers make use of best color measuring solutions and enhance the color quality of the goods. There are various attributes that can affect the color quality of the products such as hue, light, transparency, translucency, opaqueness, redness or blueness, and metamerism of the product. The different quality defects create different problems in the product. One of the major defects that badly affect the quality of the products is Metamerism. It is usually found in the textile industries. Let’s discuss this phenomenon in detail.

Theory of Metamerism

Metamerism is a condition where a pair of an object is placed in different lights separately to match the color consistency and color quality of the fabric. If the color appearance of both the individual sample appears to be same even in different light condition (say one sample is observed under D 65 artificial daylight and other sample is observed under Tungsten filament light), then the product is perfect is good in terms of quality. On the other hand, in the same test condition, if the samples appear to be different then it will be considered as the defect of metamerism and the color quality of the product is not perfect there is a major defect in the product that can’t be overlooked.

Problem of Metamerism in Different Industries

The problem of metamerism creates a noteworthy problem for the manufacturers in different production verticals such as textile, paint & plating, plastic, automotive, printing & packaging, etc. The problem of metamerism arises in these industries because same products are manufactured in multiple batches and a minor change in the color mixing can lead to a big color defect and leads to the rejection of entire lot. For example, the length of fabric & production of liters of paint of single color can’t be achieved in one lot. To fulfill the demand of a large number of customers for single colors, force the manufacturers to produce on a large scale and in multiple batches which sometimes leads to inconsistency in colors which creates the consequence of metamerism in products and considered as a major quality flaw.

How can Metamerism be Evaluated & Solved?

The best way to determine the defect of metamerism in fabrics and other products is Color Matching cabinet. It is one of the best color matching devices which is used to match the colors under different lighting conditions. The testing instrument comprises of different light conditions that can be used to match the color of products under different lights at same time. The test is performed on different products to ensure that the material will look same at the time of its usage in all light conditions. Usually, color matching cabinets are designed as per the light spectrum of USA, EURO and Asia and manufacturers can easily buy the instrument with their choice of light according to their region to ensure the color quality in a better and effective manner.

Detecting Precise Colors with CMC

The life of living beings is surrounded by different colors such as the color of flowers, the color of natures, the color of clothes, the color of gadgets, the color of instruments, the color of food, etc. The latest fashion, styles, and trends force the manufacturers to be more conscious of the quality of the products that they manufacture whether it is textile, paint or plastic. Measuring the quality of the products is a major task that needs to be performed by the manufacturers at every level of production. The color matching cabinet is the best testing machine which is used to check the color consistency of the products. The testing machine is used to gauge the color of different products under standardized atmosphere and different lighting conditions. The testing equipment helps to solve the problem of metamerism easily. The device is widely used in paint and plating industries, plastic industries, yarn and textile industries, paper and packaging industries, automotive industries and so forth.

Why is CMS recommended worldwide?

Color Matching Cabinet is a highly preferred machine for several years because of its accuracy and durability. The testing instrument is equipped with five lights that are provided as per various standard test methods according to the color temperature and lux of the lights. No matter what type of material you are testing. Whether it is ceramic, glass, wood, plastic, fabrics or anything else, color matching cabinets helps the users to test different samples and offers highly precise and accurate test results.

If you are looking to buy high-quality of Color Matching devices, always buy it from a reputed manufacturer who can offer highly standardized and high-quality devices and competitive price. For more information of CMC, click here.

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