How to Test Metal Corrosion with Presto Salt Spray Chamber?

How to Test Metal Corrosion with Presto Salt Spray Chamber

In the metal industry, it is important for manufacturers to take crucial tests to determine the properties of metals. One of the essential tests, they can conduct is the salt spray test. This will help you to detect the corrosion properties of the metals. With Presto Cass Cum corrosion salt spray chamber, you will be able to determine the corrosion properties of the elements with synthesizing salt spray and other environmental conditions like controlled humidity, ambient drying, air drying, dwell cycle, and wetting/condensation.

With the cass cum model of salt spray chamber, you will be able to perform salt spray tests which are often programmed with multiple climates in a multi-stage cycle to intensify the test. Here in this blog, we will provide you with detailed information about Salt Spray Chamber and why it will be used before placing the products on the market.

Introduction about Presto Salt Spray Chamber Cass Cum model

A salt spray chamber is a laboratory testing instrument that is used to simulate atmospheric corrosion of metals. The test exposes the metal samples to a controlled environment for more accurate predictions of corrosion rates on real-world surfaces. This is because this amazing testing instrument by Presto will be able to provide you with different environmental conditions that will help to test the material before it will be shipped to the market. It plays a major role in quality control laboratories, where they are used for performing comparative testing. The test temperature in the chamber is user adjustable from ambient to +49°C ±1 degree C and is controlled by a PLC controlled PID. It consists of various features that we have discussed below.

Key features of Presto Salt Spray Chamber Cass cum model

We all know that corrosion is the silent killer of metals. Therefore, conducting the corrosion test with the help of the Presto salt spray chamber will help you to determine the different properties of metals. As we have discussed above that salt spray chambers will help you to predict how metals will react over time when exposes to high humidity, temperature, and other environmental conditions. In order to ensure that products are durable and reliable, it is necessary to test their resistance against salt spray chamber conditions. With Presto Cass Cum Salt Spray Chamber, you will be able to determine the corrosion resistance properties of the metal. You can do salt spray test result interpretation by having a sucessful analysis of production process.

Here we have listed some of the amazing features of this testing instrument.These features will help you to perform salt spray corrosion test with ease.

  • HMI-based Touchscreen Display for ease of operation.
  • Inbuilt PID temperature settings for accuracy.
  • Corrosion Resistant PT-100 sensors.
  • Program profile installed for selecting test parameters of the test.
  • Users can create PID settings, Air Saturator settings, test temperature, test and air purge time, etc.
  • Live test running status can be displayed.
  • Robust Construction with triple-walled Fiber-reinforced body.
  • Air purge post-test for fog settlement.
  • Reservoir Tank inside sponge filter equipped.
  • Data can be saved to the USB device (Pen drives not in the part of the supply.
  • Set values (SV) and present values (PV) are displayed together.
  • The angle of the Canopy is designed to restrict the flow of droplets directly on the test sample.
  • This salt spray test standard includes ASTM B117 & JIS 2371.

With these fantastic features, you can easily take salt spray corrosion test with appropriate salt spray volume. The ergonomic position of the touch screen ensures ease of use. The technical specifications of this testing machine are also discussed below:

  • Chamber Temperature: Ambient to 49C.
  • Air Saturator Temperature 40oC to 49oC.
  • Fog Collection Funnel: 10 cm Diameter & 80 cm2Area
  • pH Value of Salt Solution: 6.5 to 7.2
  • Test Air Pressure 0.7kg/cm2 -1.2kg/cm2Mass of Salt Addition: 5% of Salt Addition
  • Outer Body Material: Fiber Glass
  • Chamber Temperature Least Count: 0.1 0 C
  • Chamber Temperature Repeatability: ±20 C
  • Air Saturator Temperature Least Count: 0.1 0 C
  • Air Saturator Temperature Repeatability: ±20 C
  • Mode of Operation: HMI Interface
  • Electrical supply: 15 Amp. 230 V AC, Single Phase, 50 Hz + Earth
  • Power consumption: 4.2 KW

These are the technical specifications of the Presto Cass Cum Salt Spray Chamber. There is no better way to test the corrosion resistance properties of the metals other than Presto Cass Cum Salt Spray Chamber.

How to perform the salt spray test with the help of Presto Salt Spray Chamber?

The Cass Cum Salt Spray Chamber will help to produce a superior quality electroplating process. This test can easily be conducted with research and development labs where more efficient coating and electroplating layers are generated for distinct metal surfaces. To perform this test effectively, you need to fill the air saturator with DM solution and prepare the test specimen. While performing the test, you must ensure that the salt solution from one sample should not drip on other samples. For more information about operating this testing instrument,


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