How to Test the Effect of Humidity on Products?

How to Test the Effect of Humidity on Products

Product quality is a complex issue all across the globe and Consumers become more specific when it comes to the quality of the products. Apart from the quality, other visual characteristics such as physical properties, chemical properties, the texture of the product, the effect of environmental factors on the product, etc. are also considered. If we talk about the effect of humidity on different products, it is a very vast thing. Environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, moisture, dust, salt water, rain water, etc. badly affect the quality and appearance of the products to a great extent. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of the manufacturers to determine the effect of various environmental factors on the product by treating the products with different conditions inside the laboratories.

Solution to Measure the Effect of Humidity

The quality of the products that are used in different production verticals can be determined by making use of high-quality of Humidity/Conditioning Chambers to determine the effect of humidity, high temperature, and other environmental conditions on the products.

Presto, a leading manufacturer of testing machines, offers a wide range of chambers to fulfill all types of temperature and humidity testing needs. All the chambers that are manufactured here are equipped with data storage system to monitor different test conditions, different temperatures, and humidity conditions that can store multiple test records for future reference and for material quality comparison. Many of the chambers are equipped with big size compressors that can offer best and accurate test results.

Humidity / Conditioning Chamber – Prima Series

Presto’s Humidity /Conditioning Chamber  – Prima Series is superlative environment chamber with the latest and sophisticated technology with CFC free refrigerants and air cooled compressors which is used to create the anticipated humidity & temperature. The device ensures less heat loss ratio as it is provided with high quality of insulation with imported glass wool ergonomics. It is provided with user-friendly to make the operating procedure easy and simple. It is completely designed with the Digital Controls. The instrument strictly conforms to ASTM D1776M – 15 and BS 950 Part 1 (D 65) which ensures reliability and accuracy of test results.

Applications of Humidity Conditioning Chamber

The Humidity Conditioning Chamber Prima Series is designed by Presto for highly safe and reliable production. The instrument is sufficient enough to create various environmental factors such as temperatures, humidity, altitude and many more. The testing machine offer the facility of frequent temperature rate change and moisture conditions setting to examine the consequence of environmental factors on different products such as:

  • Rubbers,
  • Automotive parts,
  • Plastics,
  • Semiconductor devices,
  • Electronic goods and many more.

Working Principle & Features of Humidity Chambers

The testing machine works on the methodology of environmental testing. Some of the features of Humidity Chamber are mentioned below:

  • It is an ideal device in terms of performance and comfort.
  • It is designed identically using sophisticated features and technology to maintain the desired temperature and level of humidity at different types that are controlled by the users from the front panel.
  • It is designed and manufactured using glass wool insulation.
  • The graphics menu driven system of the machine permits the operators to set multiple parameters easily.
  • The device can be functioned easily using the digital controls.
  • Profile programs can be configured to 8 programs to run the machine automatically so that it can work for 8 different time intervals.
  • The temperature for all the 8-time intervals can be set individually.

Technical Specification of Humidity Chamber – Prima Series 

  • Capacity of the Chamber: 200 Liters
  • Humidity level: Ambient – 95% RH
  • Temperature Range: 5oC– 65oC (with Inbuilt Cooling Compressor)
  • Accuracy : ± 2ºC
  • Resolution: 0.1ºC
  • Timer: Up to – 99:9 min (RTC Based Timer Controls for accurate calculations).
  • Accessories: SSR-based heater, Compressor, Humidifier control outputs
  • Temperature Sensing – Auto-Tune PID
  • Inner Cabinet: Stainless Steel
  • Data Logger : Up to 1000 readings
  • Communication: RS-232/USB interface
  • Sample Shelves: 2 Stainless Steel Shelves

For more information on Humidity Chambers, contact our team of experts.

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