How to Test the Wall Thickness of PET Bottles?

How to Test the Wall Thickness of PET Bottles

PET bottles are used on a large scale in different production verticals to fulfil the purpose of packaging and refilling. It is considered as the foremost and highly relevant mode of packaging. PET packaging also ensures the quality and safety of the products that are packed inside. It helps to protect the products from various external factors and threats and helps to enhance the appearance of the product as well. PET bottles and related containers are used in N number of industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, filling of chemicals, acids and drugs, water, beverages, etc. With an extensive usage of PET products in different industries, it becomes the duty and responsibility of the manufacturers of PET products manufacturing industries to test the quality of the PET products before supplying it to the customers and clients.  

How can the quality of PET Bottles be ensured?

To check the quality of the PET products, manufacturers spend quality time in research and analysis of the products to offer better packaging solutions. Packaging plays a significant role in pharmaceutical industries. Packaging in Pharmaceutical industry is imperative as they require high-quality material that can’t spoil or harm the quality of the medicine which is packed inside in any manner.

PET bottles are used in pharmaceutical to protect and save the biomedical products from direct contact with different environmental factors. Packaging provides an identity to the products and helps the users to differentiate it from the product of other brands in terms of instruction, and dosage. It also guides the patients regarding the dosage of the medicines and also plays a significant role in safe transportation and supply of pharmaceutical products to various destination points.

To ensure the quality and the strength of PET bottles, it is mandatory to check the thickness of the walls of PET bottles to gauge the uniformity of the products. The wall thickness of the Pet bottles can be measured using Magnamike 8600.


What is Magnamike 8600?

Magnamike 8600 is a non-destructive testing device that helps to do the required measurements. The testing device works on the principle of Hall’s Effect. It is a precise testing device which is used in different industries to test the thickness of the products such as ferrous and non-ferrous products through non-destructive testing techniques. It is a compact and highly effective testing machine offered by Olympus to test the quality of the materials such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminium, water tanks, PET products, etc.



The device based on magnetic technology to perform repeated measurements of non-ferrous materials. The testing machine is simple to operate and offers highly accurate test results.

Working Procedure of Magnamike 8600

To perform the wall thickness testing of the sample, the magnetic probe of the machine is placed on one side of the wall of the sample and magnetic ball to the other side. The amazing and sophisticated technology of the instrument helps to measure the distance between the probe and the ball that measures the accurate thickness of the test sample. The testing device is provided with a colour display that shows the results on display after sensing the distance between the probe and the ball.


  • Minimum and maximum thicknesses that can be measured are 0.001mm and 25.4mm respectively.
  • It is available with IP 67 seal which protects it from dust and water.
  • It is drop tested, shock proof and tested for vibrations.
  • The measurement rate is 60Hz.
  • Impact Resistive body.
  • Wear cap of the probe is replaceable.

For more information on wall thickness gauge, click here.

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