How you can improve the measurement accuracy with Magna-Mike 8600?

How you can improve the measurement accuracy with Magna-Mike 8600

The Magna-mike 8600 will be used to measure the thickness of non-ferrous materials like plastic containers. This amazing instrument designed by Presto Testing Instruments will serve to be the solution to many problems that are related to the wall thickness of materials. It has a probe as well as a target ball that will work as a principle of the Hall Effect.
Measuring the wall thickness of materials like PET bottles will help to protect and save biomedical products from direct contact with different environmental factors. The thickness measurement of bottles or plastic materials is necessary to determine the uniformity of the products. The PET bottles are designed by keeping portability characteristics in mind. If the bottle wall is thicker then it will result in the higher portability of the item with ease.

Thus, it is important to measure the wall thickness of PET bottles to make them more portable and of high quality. If you want to operate Magna-mike 8600 with ease and want to improve the accuracy of materials then we suggest you follow the tips mentioned here.

Tips to improve the measurement accuracy of Magna-mike 8600

The Magna-mike 8600 designed by Presto Testing Instruments does not make use of any ultrasound waves. Instead, this testing instrument makes use of a magnetic field to measure the thickness of the wall for plastic bottles. If you want to achieve accurate measurement of material then we suggest you follow these tips that we have mentioned in this blog. So, let us get started with the tips to improve the accuracy of Magna-mike 8600 testing equipment.

  • Use the largest target ball

Whenever you are going to measure the wall thickness of plastic material then we suggest you go with the largest ball for measurement. This is because the large balls have a stronger magnetic field and provide a high degree of accuracy as well. Therefore, we have recommended you use the largest ball that can easily measure the thickest applications.

  • Always go with multipoint calibration

When you go with the multipoint calibration then the overall accuracy of the instrument will get increased. When you perform the basic calibration technique then Magna-mike 8600 testing instrument will get 4 curves but when you make the use of multipoint calibration then you can easily add multiple calibration points. This calibration curve will get improved when you make use of more calibration points.

  • Perform Q-cal daily

The change in the performance of this testing instrument will get affected by the change in the environment, temperature as well as magnetic fields. Therefore the Q-cal will help to compensate for temperature changes in the probe. It will also compensate for the changes in the magnetic field that will be formed around the instrument. Thus, you can take this test every hour with the target that has been removed from the probe tip.

  • Try to reduce environmental interference

You should try to move the instrument where there will be fewer magnetic fields and this will help to provide you accurate results. So, to get error-free readings you should move the testing machine where there is less interference.

These are some useful tips that you should keep in mind while using Magna-mike 8600 for gauging the wall thickness of the object.

Let’s summarize

Magna-mike 8600 is a reliable testing instrument that can easily be used to make reliable measurements of non-ferrous materials with ease. It works on the basis of Hall’s effect and can easily measure the distance between the probe tip and target ball. With the help of this testing instrument by Presto, you can effortlessly take thickness reading and make it display.

Here we have provided you brief information about this testing instrument that how you can improve its accuracy. You can simply purchase this testing equipment from Presto Testing Instruments as they are considered to be the top suppliers of lab testing instruments.

You can easily consult us to get more information and quotation of this testing instrument. Simply give us a call at +91 9210903903 or send an email at We have an expert team of customer handling that will provide you all the required information. For more information, you can also visit the product page of Magna-mike 8600. 

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