Identify Metamerism With Highly Effective Color Matching Instruments

Identify Metamerism With Highly Effective Color Matching Instruments

Color plays a significant role in the world of fashion to grab the attention of the people. But manufacturers face many problems while providing certain colors to the textile products as they have to match the colors of the products irrespective of the lighting conditions like Daylight, Incandescent, Nightlight and Fluorescent lighting. If the colors of the products appear to be different in different lighting conditions, it will be considered as the problem of metamerism. Metamerism is a color phenomenon in which the color of the products appears different when placed in different lighting conditions. This can be considered as a major defect in the quality of the materials.

How does Metamerism occurs?

Metamerism means a situation in which a pair of the object is placed in different light sources or determined lighting conditions to match the color quality and consistency of the materials. Usually, our clothes appear different in the incandescent lights of their homes as compared to the fluorescent lights of the offices. This is a common issue for textile manufacturers that usually occurs with the clothing pieces that will not match under different lighting conditions due to dissimilarities in the process of production and various textile dyes that are used during the manufacturing process.

The problem of Metamerism is not problematic just for the manufacturers in textile industries. Producers in paint and plating industries, paper and packaging industries, plastic industries, automotive industries and printing industries also faces such kind of issues because the products are produced in a large number of lots, and certain changes or variations occur in the color batches or pigments while manufacturing a product in different parts. For example, in an automotive manufacturing industries, the parts of an automotive painted in different sections like each door of a car is painted separately with the same color to match the rest part of the vehicle but when the complete vehicle is viewed in a source of light, sometimes it appears to be different. Hence, it is essential for the manufacturers in every production vertical to find the best alternative to solve the problem of metamerism to provide the best level of color consistency to the products.

Color Matching Cabinet – Best Way to Identify Metamerism

The problem of metamerism can be solved by using highly effective Color Matching instruments. One of the best color matching instrument is “Color Matching Cabinet”. The device is widely used by the manufacturers in every production vertical to address the problem of metamerism. The instrument allows the users to view the object under different lighting conditions and is highly effective in identifying the mismatch in the colors of the object. The instrument offers highly precise results. For best results, always buy a testing equipment from a reputed manufacturer.

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