Importance of Testing in Automotive Industries

Importance of Testing in Automotive Industries

Automotive Industry is a highly competitive and progressive industry all across the globe. To survive in the market for a long period of time, automotive industries need to be constantly innovative in terms of quality, durability, etc. Also, the manufacturers of vehicles need to ensure that the system and components of the automobiles must function properly throughout their working life. Although the environment which the automobiles bear in a year or year after year changes frequently, engineers need to make use of highly sophisticated and innovated test applications to enhance the performance of newly launched products in highly effective and modern way.

Why Requirement of Testing in Automobile Industries Arises?

With the growing rate of innovations in the industry, the test engineers need to react accordingly, to offer best testing solutions according to the fast market changes, new launches and user-friendly testing solutions that can be implemented easily for the highly advanced and new technological changes. However, sometimes complex testing need a highly effective and reliable testing strategies, right from the research and development till the final product is produced then the engineers need to take active and quick decisions instantly.

With the increasing production rate of automotive components, risks with the manufacturing of the products also increase which initiates the warranty issues of the products and highlight the significance of testing at every stage of production whether it is research, development, raw material inspection or product manufacturing.

With the increasing demand for automotive testing, professionals have started considering the standards that are used to test the automotive components efficiently such as ISO, BIS, ASTM and many more. These standards are considered to design high-quality testing machines to perform various types of tests that measure the characteristics, properties and features of vehicles and related components.

Standards Introduced for Automobiles

  • Standard for Testing Effect of Ecological Conditions

Various environmental conditions such as wind, humidity, cold, dampness, salt water, rain water, heat, high temperature affect the quality and appearance of the automotive products. The environmental testing standards and highly standardized testing equipment help to authenticate the quality and fitness of the automotive components. The range of automotive testing equipment helps to create real working conditions with different environmental factors. This helps to ascertain the effect of environmental conditions on the automotive when they are subjected to real working conditions.

To test the same, the test engineers have introduced various types of environment testing chambers. These chambers help to measure the effect of fluctuations in temperature, altitude, and humidity and help to determine the impact of salt spray and dust on the materials. Other environmental benefits that can be tested using testing machines are moist conditions, solar radiations, thermal cycling, environmental stress cracking resistance, the effect of weathering and UV light conditions, etc. All the environmental test conditions are created to check the reliability of the automotive components in such environments and to pinpoint the defects and weakness that are initiated at the time of manufacturing.

  • Standard for Testing Effect of Vibrant Conditions

Automotive components that are provided to the conditions of stress, vibration, sudden shock, strains, etc. during testing are subjected to such types of dynamic stress testing to estimate the working life of the automotive when they are operated on rough roads with continuous movement on the engine. Automobiles are designed to withstand the mechanical and physical forces but at the time of working many problems arise such as flaws in structural elements, loosening of fasteners, adhesives and other wear and tear issues that can lead to the product failure and also affects the product safety issues along with the cost of the warranty.

The automotive testing equipment offers dynamic testing of the products to assure that components will survive for a long period of time. The samples components that are kept for testing are subjected to mechanical shocks and vibrant conditions clearly explains the level of vehicles or can surpass those levels to measure the actual performance and life of the vehicles.

Compliance of Testing Machines with Standards

It is important for all the manufacturers in automotive industries to meet the standards that are suggested and introduced by the standardization authorities such as ASTM, BIS, ISO, etc. The testing standards and quality measurement techniques help to refine the quality of the vehicles and help to reduce down the vibration and noise while enhancing the fuel efficiency, quality and overall performance of the products to serve the best product to the customers.

Automotive testing machines make the things promising for the manufacturers to provide a comfortable, safe and high-performance vehicle to the customers that can work efficiently for a long period even in different weather conditions.

How Automotive Testing Needs can be fulfilled?

The manufacturers of testing machines offer a wide assortment of testing solutions to the manufacturers of vehicles in the form of testing machines, certifications, etc. They offer best guidance to them in enhancing the quality, reliability, cost effectiveness, and performance of the vehicles according to the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities so that high quality of automotive goods can be manufactured.

Automotive Testing Instruments

The wide assortment of testing machines that are available in the market to fulfill the requirements of testing machine includes:

  • UV light weathering testers
  • Salt Spray Chambers
  • Gloss meters
  • Tensile testing machines
  • Universal testing machines
  • Din abrasion testers
  • Color measurement devices such as colorimeters and spectrophotometers, etc.

To know in detail about Automotive testing instruments, contact our experts.

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