International Standards Shine in India with Presto’s Salt Spray Chambers Manufacturing

Presto Salt Spray Chambers

Presto manufactures Salt Spray Chambers for corrosion testing as per ASTM International. This means a lot since this prestigious International body with 30,000 members, provides international standards in order to develop and publish technical standards for an exhaustive range of materials that includes products, systems, and services. This way the Presto Group abides well and caters to International clientele too. B117 from the list of ASTM International standards defines the Practice for Operating & Manufacturing guidelines of Salt Spray Machines.

Standards to Look For In Fog Spray Chambers

Presto organization has ensured abiding by the standards that comply with B117 and JIS 2371 standards, with its salt spray corrosion chamber manufacturing activity. These standards are used to conduct Neutral Salt Spray Tests or NSS Tests on coatings to determine resistance to corrosive environments. Neutral Salt Spray Tests or NSS Tests on Meta Surface Coatings depend on the corrosion resistance of the coating.

Presto salt spray chambers understand that failure to meet this requirement implies instability in the chemical process of the pre-treatment. Addressing the issue immediately in case there is instability, ensures quality in the products of the upcoming batches. This means pre-treated and painted components need to pass at least 96 hours in Neutral Salt Spray, in order to be accepted for production.

The major application of the salt spray test is, understandably, enabling quick comparisons between the actual resistance and expected corrosion resistance. This leads to superb quality maintenance at Presto machines where all models of the salt spray tester are equipped with the following elements:  

  • Air Purging
  • Air Regulators
  • Time Totaliser
  • Cyclic Timer
  • Gauges
  • Specimen Racks

It is understood while testing the products that the longer the accelerated corrosion test would take, the longer becomes the process of testing. This results in larger losses in the form of non-conforming batches that still need testing.

Accelerated Weathering Corrosion Testing

Presto salt fog chambers are manufactured to estimate the life of metal components, wherein the manufacturers' device such as advanced sprayers that can simply compare various samples in a simulated environment, and screen materials for their suitability. Accelerated weathering testing results in providing quality control. This is because it ensures the metal enhancement processes that are being used during production, are applied in compliance with manufacturer specifications. These products include examples of coatings, anodizing, and electroplating, among other things. Applications of Accelerated Weathering Corrosion Testing can be broadly defined as follows:

  • Analysis of finished products used for testing towards crevice corrosion susceptibility
  • Comparison and screening of raw materials for checking the corrosion traits
  • Evaluating/comparing exposure effects on corrosion properties

In case you are an OEM vendor, it becomes mandatory that your test results are consistent with the standards specified by the buyer. This is because buyers would most certainly assess the compliance before accepting your shipment.


When it comes to predicting the suitability of a protective coating in relation to providing effective corrosion resistance, salt spray testing is the most reliable way of going about. To know more about the comprehensive range of salt spray test machines.


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