Laboratory Hot Air Oven- Amazing Instrument For Sterilization

Laboratory Hot Air Oven- Amazing Instrument For Sterilization

The laboratory hot air oven is a testing instrument that will be used in various industries like biotech, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and many more. In these industries, the process of drying and sterilization is used commonly. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable testing instrument for dry heat sterilization then we suggest you make use of this lab hot air oven designed by Presto.

Presto is considered to be the topmost supplier of testing instruments in India. The quality and accuracy of this testing equipment designed by Presto engineers are unmatched. Thus, to ease your process of quality assurance you can easily depend on Presto.

When it comes to hot air ovens then it works on conduction as well as radiation testing principle. This means, the heat will be absorbed by the external item and will be passed to the internal. It is a repeatable process.

Those materials that can easily withstand high temperatures can be used for sterilizing in this testing equipment. So, specimens like glasswares, scissors, metals, syringes, powders etc. can be used in the sterilization process occurred in this testing instrument.

The temperature at which laboratory hot air oven works

Many of us do not have any idea regarding the temperature on which this testing instrument works. But we will provide you with information regarding this here. Basically, the working temperature of this instrument is from ambient to 250 degrees Celcius.

If you still find any issue in setting the correct temperature to perform this test then we suggest you consult with us. We will allow you to perform the test without any worries by guiding you in the right way.

Therefore, if you find any issue or assistance regarding the use of this testing instrument then we suggest you call us at +91 9210903903.

You can also mail your query at We have various sets of testing machines that are certified as well as embedded with safety features. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the use of any testing machine. You just care about the quality of product delivery to your customers by using our testing machines for quality assurance.

Give us a call and get a chance to see a free demo of using this machine.

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