Maximize the Ductile Strength of Materials with Tensile Tester

Tensile Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The materials that are used in the production of the process of various goods and automobiles are tested on their mechanical properties like ductility, durability, yield strength, etc. It becomes vital for manufacturers to measure all these properties in order to segregate the materials for the right usage and maximum output of the final product.

The mechanical properties of all materials differ therefore, they are used in different industries and for different purposes. However, ductility is one such aspect that is necessary to be tested under all circumstances and in all industries as ductility has high differences within the material types. For example, the ductile strength of two metals or two rubbers measured together might vary at huge levels from each other.

To assess these mechanical properties, manufacturers had to spend loads on different machines for different materials. To curb this solution of the manufacturing class, the Presto Group offers a one-stop solution for the mechanical property identification of all the materials called the Tensile Tester.

The tensile tester is made with extreme precision and is a result of high-class engineering as the instrument determines the mechanical properties of variable materials with absolute accuracy. The lab testing instrument is also known as the universal tensile tester due to its ability to measure the ductile strength, yield strength, and various other properties of so many materials like metal, rubber, fabrics, plastics, etc.

Let Us Get into the Working Procedure of the Tensile Tester

The universal tensile tester has an extremely simplistic working procedure that aids the operator in performing expedited testing measures and achieving high levels of precision.

To commence with the tensile test, the foremost step is to condition the sample with the help of a dumbbell cutting press. The instrument is provided as an additional accessory that allows the operator to minimize human efforts by carving out the specimen in a dumbbell shape, allowing the operator to clamp the specimen among the jaws of the instrument firmly.

Once the specimen is conditioned as per the specs of the tensile tester, the operator easily positions the dumbbell-shaped specimen among the jaws of the instrument. The specimen is then firmly clamped to ensure no movement during the conduction of the test.

The operator can now simply turn the instrument on which will result in the oppositely directed movement of the lower jaw from the stationary upper jaw. The movement of the lower jaw away from the jaw will force pressure on the specimen due to a constant rate of traverse methodology.

The constant cross-head distance travel of the jaws elongates or breaks the specimen, depending on its mechanical properties. The lab testing instrument is equipped with a microprocessor-based display that determines the maximum or peak load that the specimen could withstand or the maximum elongation that the specimen got to.

The operator can simply evaluate these elongation & peak load quantities to evaluate them with other attained results and analyze them critically. This is how easily the tensile test is conducted with absolute facile.

The tensile strength tester is also equipped with top-end characteristics that ensure high levels of accuracy and also provide ease of testing to the operator.

Top-End Characteristics of the Tensile Tester

The tensile tester is equipped with all the necessary features that are not just accuracy-driven but also operator-friendly when it comes to conducting the tensile test.

The most prominent feature that caught the attention of manufacturers from all over the industries is the illusion of wide gaping jaws. The cross-head distance of the jaws of the instrument can go as far as 800 mm, allowing the testing of even the highly ductile & flexible rubber-like structure.  

The instrument offers a highly advanced overtravel safety feature. This feature ensures the automatic cut-off of the instrument once the specimen achieves the highest peak load value or the maximum elongation. The over-travel feature helps the operator to conduct testing without any hassle.

The lab testing equipment is incorporated with a microprocessor-based digital display that ensures the universal tensile tester indicates accurate elongation and peak value results. The microprocessor-based display also offers the operator an easy tracking of results due to its memory hold button.

The lab testing equipment is made with stainless steel and mild steel material that ensures the instrument’s longevity as well as enhances the anti-corrosion properties due to the coating of seven layered paint over the mild steel.

The tracking of results becomes a lot easier due to the graphical representation of these attained outputs. These graphical representations can be retrieved by the operator in both Excel & PDF formats.

All these features are the pinnacle of performing the tensile test and therefore they avoid all sorts of breakers or hassles in the conduction of the test.  

Let us take a quick brief at the technical specifications of the universal tensile machine.

Technical Specifications of Universal Tensile Tester

·       The maximum cross-head distance of the jaws can be as long as 700 mm.

·       The standard speed of the instrument is 50 mm/ min – 500 mm/ min, they differ as per variable standard compliances.

·       The power required in a single phase is 220V and 50 Hz for the functioning of the machine

·      The grippers offered by the manufacturer of the instrument are – Wedge grippers, vice grippers, diamond grippers as well as zig-zag grippers.

Buy Yourself a Tensile Tester Right Now

If you also want to evaluate the mechanical properties of variable materials and need a one-stop solution for all of that, you can get your hands on the Tensile Tester today. You can look for Q&A, and blogs on our website regarding the lab testing instrument.

To place an order for the highly advanced and futuristic universal tensile machine please feel free to call us at +91 9210903903 or place an e-mail at

The company aims to provide you with the finest & most futuristic lab testing innovations to help you stay a step ahead of all your competitors.

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