Measure The Tearing Resistance With Presto's Tearing Strength Tester

Measure The Tearing Resistance With Presto's Tearing Strength Tester

ith ASTM D 1424(09) 2013e1, ASTM D624 - 00(2012), ISO 6383, TAPPI - T414, and other standards. The instrument works on the standard of measuring internal tearing resistance that is defined as the force perpendicular to the plane of the specimen which is required to propagate a single rip or tear of defined length right from the cut in the specimen when a sudden force is applied.

Specification of Presto’s Tearing Strength Tester

The apparatus consists of a pendulum carrying a clamp which is in alignment with a fixed clamp. To perform the test, the pendulum is raised to the starting position by applying maximum potential energy. The tearing force is computed from scale reading and pendulum capacity. Specimens through the machine are cut in the warp direction and in the weft direction. The pendulum release and sample clamping system of the device significantly improve the stability and accuracy of the test results.

How does Tearing Strength Tester help in Quality Determination?

The testing instrument contributes to minimizing the errors that are usually caused by human factors during the testing process. The high-accurate angular position of the pendulum helps to calculate precise test results. The sample tearing process contributes to calculating the average tearing force and tear factor using the standardized formula. This greatly enhances the accuracy of the results. This test process is best to analyze the Quality of the sample.

Presto’s Tearing Strength Tester is an excellent choice to perform highly accurate tearing strength test.

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