Notch Test with Charpy Impact Tester

Notch Test with Charpy Impact Tester

Notch test or V-notch test is a popular name used for the Charpy Impact Test. It is a highly standardized test which helps to measure the amount of energy which is absorbed by the notched sample when extreme pressure is applied to it. This energy is considered as a pathway to study the ductile-brittle nature of the sample. The Charpy impact test is applied in the industries as it is easy to conduct and offer the accurate and quick results regarding the ductility and strength of the materials, but the results of the test are sometimes cannot be compared with other results.

Testing Apparatus

The instrument “Charpy Impact Tester” comprises of a pendulum of specific length and weight which is dropped from a standard height to determine the effect of impact pressure on the notched sample of material. The energy which is applied to the material can be changed according to the specifications of the sample by changing the height and weight of the hammer before commencing the test.

To perform the test, first of all, a notch is created in the sample as mentioned in the standards to perform the impact test. There are many parameters that can affect the test results hence it is necessary to ensure that all the parameters are perfectly set before commencing the test. Firstly, it is essential to confirm that the notch which has been made on the sample is perfect in terms of geometrical angle and dimension. Hence, a highly standardized notch cutter is used to create a notch on the sample.  Secondly, it is a must to confirm the size of the sample because the size of the sample can also affect the test results as the perfect dimension of the sample determines whether the material is placed in plane strain or not.

Standards for Notch Impact Test

There are numerous test standards that must be followed to make a notch on the samples and to perform impact test on the sample. Some of them are ASTM E23, ISO 148-1 or EN 10045-1. In these standards, the complete and standardized test procedure is mentioned in detail.

Results of Impact Test

  • Quantitative results – The quantitative results of the impact test is that the energy which is calculated by performing the test is used to measure the toughness of the sample. The toughness of the material is directly connected with the yield strength, but it cannot be expressed by a formula. The strain rate can also be studied and analyzed by the fracture using the test.
  • Qualitative Results – The qualitative results of the impact test helps to measure the ductility of the materials. The test result explains that if the material break on a flat surface, the fracture will be brittle and if the material breaks from the edges, then it will be ductile. Usually, the sample not breaks in one manner and then it becomes mandatory to measure the results of fracture at the flat surface as well as at edges to measure the type of fracture.

Size of Samples

According to the standards, the sample of size 130mm x 12.7mm and any thickness between 3 mm to 13 mm is required to perform Charpy Test. Another size of samples can be maintained as per the requirement of the test and specification of the sample. The standard defines the standard test method and definitions for mechanical testing of steels.

How to buy effective Charpy Impact test Equipment?

If you are looking to buy a high-quality and sophisticated test machine, always buy the devices from the reputed manufacturers who offer highly standardized test machine with best after sale services. Always buy the machine from the manufacturer who can assure you that the machine is designed as per the standards and assures the accuracy of the test results.

Presto Stantest is one of the popular names in the niche that offers a wide assortment of highly effective and high-quality machines. Presto offers specially designed Charpy Impact Test Machine which helps to assess the impact resistance strength of plastic, metals, steel, etc. when the material is subjected to sudden impact. The instrument works on the methodology of Pendulum. It helps to perform two types of test i.e.

  • IZOD test where vertically clamped sample faces impact in horizontal direction
  • Charpy test where horizontally clamped sample faces impact in vertical direction

Results of Presto’s Impact tester

The testing device displays the impact strength of the material in the unit J/m2. This device is used to check the impact strength of different materials.  The instrument offers highly accurate test results as it is designed keeping in mind the ASTM D 256-10 standard.

Technical Specification

  • Pendulum release angle – 150 degree.
  • Release Mechanism – Electromagnetic Pendulums
  • Coating – Powder Coated
  • Optional Accessory – Notch Cutter.
  • Range of scales – 0-2.71 Joules, 0-5.42 Joules, 0-10.84 Joules & 0-21.68 Joules, 0 – 25.02 Joules
  • Maximum Capacity – Up to 25.02 Joules
  • Minimum resolution – 0.02 Joule.
  • Display – Digital (LED)


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