Perform easy grammage checking of materials with a grammage checking kit

Perform easy grammage checking of materials with a grammage checking kit

In the paper & packaging industry, it is important for the manufacturers to test the grammage of materials to ensure the accurate quality of materials delivered. Most of the paper products are sold in accordance with mass per unit area. Thus, it is important for the manufacturers to test the grammage of the materials and ensure that quality products will be delivered to the customers. Thus, we at Presto being the leading lab testing instruments manufacturer has designed high-quality testing equipment known as a grammage checking kit.

This grammage checking kit comprises of GSM round cutter and digital GSM weighing balance that makes it easy for paper manufacturers to test the grammage of materials easily. In this blog, we will discuss brief information about the Presto grammage checking kit and the benefits of checking the grammage of materials with the help of this quality testing equipment.

Test the grammage of paper with a grammage checking kit

Grammage of paper is directly related to the density of the paper product and is expressed in terms of grams per square meter. By testing the grammage of paper-related products, manufacturers can easily determine the thickness, hardness and durability of materials and they are able to create the right packaging.
If you are thinking of where to buy paper GSM testers at the best prices then you can go with the Presto GSM checking kit. In this kit we offer, a GSM round cutter and GSM weighing balance to cut and measure the GSM of samples easily.
Presto is Asia’s No.1 manufacturer of lab testing instruments and has designed this quality testing equipment at the best and most affordable prices.
Now, let us discuss a brief about the GSM round cutter and GSM weighing balance.
  • GSM Round cutter
The GSM round cutter designed by the experts at Presto will help in the accurate cutting of samples. This high-quality lab testing equipment will help in the accurate cutting of samples. Below we have listed the features of this quality lab testing equipment. 
  • 2 No’s Special quality GSM pad is provided for support while cutting.
  • The machine is equipped with 4 nos. of replaceable German Blades.
  • The movement of the Hand Wheel is ¼ rounds to cut a sample.
  • High-Quality Aluminum pressure die cast the main body
  • Lightweight and resilient
  • Highly accurate test results
  • Available with Safety Latch Facility
These are some of the amazing features one will get with the use of this high-quality lab testing equipment. You can read more on the working of a GSM round cutter and cut your samples accurately.
Digital GSM Balance instrument is a basic need for quality control for manufacturers of paper, paper boards, corrugated boxes, solid fibre boards, and other materials. It can be used to weigh the samples accurately and check the grammage of samples.
Below we have listed the features of this quality testing equipment:
  • Display intensity.
  • With memory.
  • Compact windshield with the scale.
  • Precise and air-free weighing due to Breeze shield.
  • Complete supply with inspection & calibration certificate.
  • Specially designed to determine the GSM of Paper & packaging.
With these high-end features, manufacturers can easily measure the GSM of paper and other related materials. We are considered to be the best GSM machine supplier in India.  
Now, let us discuss the benefits of testing the GSM of materials.

Benefits of testing GSM of materials

Testing the GSM (Grams per Square Meter) of materials provides valuable information in various industries, particularly in textiles, paper, and other materials. Here are some benefits of testing GSM:
  1. Quality control: GSM testing ensures consistent and uniform product quality. Manufacturers can use GSM measurements to monitor the thickness and density of materials, ensuring that they meet the required specifications and standards.
  2. Material characterization: GSM testing helps in understanding the characteristics of different materials. It provides insights into their weight, thickness, and overall physical properties, which aids in material selection for specific applications.
  3. Performance evaluation: In textiles and fabrics, GSM testing is critical for evaluating the performance of the material. Fabrics with higher GSM generally offer better durability, while lower GSM fabrics may be more breathable. Manufacturers can choose the appropriate GSM to meet the specific performance requirements of their products.
  4. Product consistency: For businesses producing materials in batches, GSM testing helps to maintain consistency between different batches. This ensures that the end products have the same quality and characteristics, leading to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  5. Compliance with regulations: Testing GSM ensures that the materials comply with these regulations and meet safety standards.
GSM testing is a valuable testing method in material quality control, process optimization, and product development, contributing to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction across various industries.
If you need a free sample testing for the use of this quality testing equipment then give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and queries.


Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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