Precise Way to Cut PET Bottles

Precise Way to Cut PET Bottles

HWBC or Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is an important controlling device which is used in PET & Preform industries to ensure the continuous production of high quality and safe PET Bottles. In PET bottle manufacturing, safety and quality aspects demand continuously precise material distribution i.e. even wall thickness. Preforms may show variable blowing behaviors as a function of:

  • Manufacturing
  • Raw material, Batch
  • Preform Design, tooling layout
  • Temperature, humidity, etc.

Purpose of HWBC or PET Bottle Cutter

The easy to apply PET Bottle Cutter enables the operator to detect quickly differences which allows correction of the production blowing process accordingly. The application of this device assures a high continuity for a save PET bottle production quality.

Why HWBC is used?

The cost-driven “Light Weighed Bottles” is highly demanded by the bottle blowers. The Hot Wire Bottle Cutter easily cuts PET bottle test samples of capacities 2 liters into three main parts: bottom, center, and top. Each of this part is designed with assigned weights, to comply with the quality specification obtaining an ideal wall thickness distribution. This is to guarantee the physical and mechanical quality requirement. The production process is being controlled on a statistical base by checking the weight of the cut part, and the instrument is helpful enough to test the equal weighing distribution of the bottles.

Different Applications of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

The testing instrument is used in numerous industries to check the quality of the PET bottles, but the major applications of the device are:

  • Production start-ups
  • Manufacturing process optimizing
  • Preform batch or lot change
  • Incoming bottle inspection at filler
  • Wall thickness measuring with conventional measuring tools

Why choose Presto’s HWBC for Quality Assurance?

 parts of hot wire bottle cutter

  • Presto’s PET Bottle Cutter is designed as per the international standard methods that helps to enhance and maintain the quality and add value to the products
  • High grade quality of raw material is used to produce the hot wire bottle cutter.
  • Advanced technologies and production procedure is followed to produce this bottle cutter that assure the customers for best results.
  • It is considered world-wide as best testing instrument to inspect the defects in Preforms & Bottles.
  • High qualities of electrical and electronic devices are fitted in the machine which makes it more safe and reliable.

The various features and specifications of the Presto’s Hot Wire bottle cutter make the device ideal from others. To know in detail about the testing machine, contact Presto.


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