Presto Salt Spray Testers Make a Difference in the Testing Market

Presto Salt Spray Testers Make a Difference in the Testing Market

Presto salt spray test equipment is gradually becoming an essential part of the metal industries, where the ferrous materials get exposed to various types of environments. Such a scenario may give rise to chemical fumes that cause corrosion. The leading manufacturers have proven with their adept and precise designs how such scenarios can be simulated and tested against extreme conditions. All you need to do is to buy this ace product from Presto. 

Using the Salt Sprayer Machine

  1. Once you unpack your triple-walled Salt Spray Chamber that is filled with glass wool make sure you give a careful look to the machine. This will allow you to check whether the product incurred any damages in transit or during shipping.
  2. Only with a satisfactory inspection on your part getting over, you must find a space that is neatly ventilated for the corrosion checking spray machine. Your space must be roomy enough to have enough space that minimizes rusting. Ensure minimum rusting happens in the surrounding area.
  3. The power source must be proper as per the standard power requirements whereas the water source, which is actually the Nacl Solution should be in place. The chamber requires Nacl solution for testing processes. However, untreated tap water may be fed through a demineralized cartridge before use.
  4. Presto testers are pre-installed with a nozzle that is used to create fog for testing purposes. All salt spray chambers are equipped with an atomizing nozzle, with a nylon mesh strainer. These are put over the other end of the siphon tubes.
  5. Presto chambers need to be exhausted for the best functioning of the machine. In order to prevent back pressure within the salt spray test machine, you need to ensure proper ventilation.

Actual Usage of the Machines

After a satisfactory set-up of your testing machine that flaunts 100% insulation from the inside, now you are ready to test your samples. You already know that the machine is already equipped with a chamber that uses the saltwater solution, which is atomized by air pressure. Thus, making a dense water fog inside the chamber.

Once the samples are placed inside, the rate of corrosion is displayed on the display portion, a screen on the right-hand side of the machine.  Presto testers ensure minimal intervention, however, there are provisions for you to customize and make use of the testers as per your needs. For instance, temperature and time can be programmed. Additionally, the cycles of testing your specimens can also be as per your own requirements.


Presto test chambers are consistent in quality and designed to test the relative resistance. Both corrosions of coated or uncoated alloys and metals are tested in accelerated yet safe environments.

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