Presto, The Authorized Suppliers Of Olympus Magnamike 8600 In India

Presto, The Authorized Suppliers Of Olympus Magnamike 8600 In India

If you are a manufacturer for plastics, packaging, PET, preforms or any kind of nonferrous material and desire to achieve customer delight by providing a high quality uniform product first time and every time and also save time, cost and energy, then Presto is the right place.

Presto Stantest, the authorized distributor for Magnamike manufactured by Olympus presents a revolution in Nondestructive testing of wall thickness Magnamike 8600. This is a device which works on the principle of Hall Effect and displays the accurate readings on the screen.

Operation of Magnamike 8600 (wall thickness gauge from Olympus, supplied by Presto in India)


There is a steel ball which is put on one side of the hollow sample and on the other side the magnetic probe is placed, and the thickness of the material wall coming between the two is displayed on the screen. The thickness range covered with Magna mike with the standard calibration kit is upto 9.1mm. This instrument is IP 67, i.e. completely dust and water proof, has a sturdy and rugged body and works very well even in harsh conditions of production floor. It works well for a wide range of material starting from thin plastics to glass bottles and PET and preforms to containers made of non ferrous material like tin, aluminium etc.

Key competitive Features of Magnamike 8600, (presented in India by Presto, the authorized channel partners of Olympus in India)
  • Easy to operate and user friendly
  • Can interact with Excel. Reports can be taken in WinXL for management Analysis.
  • Has various data storage options through USB, Memory card or storage within the device.
  • Has an option of generating onboard report also.
  • Has a special feature of replaceable wear caps, which makes it very economical to maintain
  • Has programmable instrument lock for better control and management of the instrument.
  • Has 15 language options to choose from
  • Is light weight and easy to handle
  • Has a wide temperature range of operation, from minus 10 degrees to 50 degree Celsius.
  • Suitable for R & D Centers as well as production floors
  • Doesn’t require any specialized technical knowledge for operating.
  • Has a strong after sales support in India by Presto, authorized suppliers of Magnamike in India
So if you are looking for a better quality product, higher customer satisfaction and control wastage, time and cost in testing, then Presto is a one stop solution for you.

For any enquiries / clarifications on Magnamike 8600 brought to you in India by authorized channel partners of Olympus.

To get more assistance regarding this testing instrument, you can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at We will surely assist you with your queries.

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