Provide Stable Balancing To Your Pet Bottle With High-Quality Of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

Provide Stable Balancing To Your Pet Bottle With High-Quality Of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

There are many properties of PET bottles that clearly explain the quality of the products such as perpendicularity, balancing, thickness, material distribution, leakage and many more. Out of the available properties, balancing of the PET bottle is the major issue makes the bottles useless. PET bottles are responsible for providing an excellent level of safety and freshness to the products that are packed inside. If the balancing of the PET bottles is not perfect, this can trip the bottle again and again and can affect the quality of the product. This problem can also cause leakage in the bottles which can sometimes cause fatal accidents if there is any kind of drug or chemical inside. To ensure the safety of the products, manufacturers in PET industries need to perform a certain test on the bottles to ensure the quality of the products.

Major Reason behind the Inferior Quality of PET Bottles

The major cause behind the bad balancing of the PET bottle is the uneven weight of a different section of the bottles. This can cause the bottles to fell down frequently. The manufacturers that avoid this defect by performing a test on PET bottles i.e. section weight analysis test. Section Weight Analysis is the procedure which separately analyzes the weight of a different section of the PET bottles. This is performed by cutting the three sections of the bottles and then weighing them separately.

How to perform Section Weight Analysis?

The first step to perform the section weight analysis is to cut the bottles in multiple sections from accurate dimensions without affecting the shape and edges of the bottle. This can be done with the help of high-quality of testing instrument i.e. Hot Wire Bottle Cutter. The testing machine is very efficient in providing the accurate cutting of the bottle in three multiple sections i.e. Top, Cylinder, and Bottom.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter – Best Device for PET & Preform Industries

It is the best testing machine that manufacturers uses to perform section weight analysis test. Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter, which is designed keeping in mind certain standard test methods.

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