Quality Assurance Of Plastic Materials With Melt Viscosity Measurement

Quality Assurance Of Plastic Materials With Melt Viscosity Measurement

The Melt Viscosity Measurement is performed to measure the ease of the flow of molten granules of the thermoplastic polymers. The process aids in correlating the value of the MFI with the grade of the polymers so that user can select the right quality of polymers. The test result is expressed in grams per ten minutes. The instrument for measuring the melt viscosity of the plastics ensures the best quality of the end products by analyzing the raw materials. The melt flow rate is a measurement of the molecular weight that is measured with high flow melt rate and also measures the ability of a material to melt under pressure. The MFR is inversely proportional to the melt viscosity.

The melt flow index of a good plastic material must be high enough to form the molten polymer and must be low enough to maintain the mechanical strength. The physical and chemical properties of polymers assure the quality, reliability, and durability of the material.

Choose the Right Quality of Polymer with Melt Viscosity Measurement

The MFI helps to determine the weight, structure and viscosity of the plastics. The lower the MFR indicates the complex molecular structure and if the plastic has high MFI means the molecular structure is simple. The measurement has a significant role for the manufacturers and suppliers of the plastic industries. The melt viscosity measurement determines the quality and viscosity of the plastics with accuracy. The plastic, PET and Preform industry recommend the testing machine to check the quality of the plastic raw materials.

The testing procedure is vital to evaluate the material consistency or to determine the degree of degradation during the plastic molding. The degraded materials have high flow rate due to low molecular weight that also indicates the less physical properties. In simple words, we can say the melt viscosity measurement is performed to identify or compare the good parts and bad parts of plastic in a high-quality testing instrument that provides the precise result in a digital or computerized format.

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