Rust Prevention Metallic Coats Durability Test With Environmental Testing Chambers

Rust Prevention Metallic Coats Durability Test With Environmental Testing Chambers

Rust or corrosion is the big trouble for the metal industries as it can decay or damage the metal parts. The rust on iron and steel is the common problem causing weakening of the metal. For the protection against corrosion, different methods or treatments are used like surface finishing and coating. The corrosion issue is a headache for the automobile industries. Special chemical formulations, like phosphate conversion coatings, are used to protect the car bodies. Some manufacturers also used to galvanize the car bodies before applying the primer coat of paint, which is considered as a rustproofing barrier between the metal body and the outside atmosphere.

The metal coating and paint have a significant role in rust prevention. However, the strength of these metal layers cannot be overlooked. The good strength of the metallic coatings ensures the best protection against the corrosion of the metal parts. The strength and tolerance ability of the metal coatings are tested in environmental testing chambers, in a salt laden environment. The machine is specially designed to check the rust proof ability of the components to tolerate the different atmospheric conditions.

The Metallic Coating Strength Test with Environmental Testing Chambers

For the manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive components, because it could weaken the strength of automobile parts and affects the resale value of the cars. The touch-up paints are applied manually from time to time to prevent rust. The metal coatings are also applied to save the components from corrosion. However, to check the corrosion resistance ability, an environmental testing chambers are the most preferred equipment. The instrument is time tested and is designed to assess the rust-proof ability of metals by providing complete flexibility in replicating the real environmental conditions.

The testing device is adjustable from ambient to +45°C. There is a PLC controlled PID for temperature control. A touch screen makes the corrosion resistance inspection simple for various types of samples. The touch screen is incorporated into a special zero corrosion PT 100 sensor with 8 function keys, a 3M flash memory. A USB host is available for a USB flash drive. Environmental Testing Chambers are reliable to test the corrosion resistance of the surface coating of metallic materials when exposed to a salt laden environment. The international standard is followed for the work area of the machine provided with a solid state digital programmable temperature controller cum indicator for temperature control. The moisture cum oil filter and air regulator help to control the air flow between 0 to 30 psi. A calibrated pressure gauge helps in the precise measurement of inlet air pressure. The eco model of the instrument has a separate user-friendly panel including various accessories. This is a standard equipment that measures the different environmental effects on the metallic coatings and determines the durability of the metal parts.

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