Salt Spray Chamber - The Ultimate Lab Testing Instrument to Prevent Corrosion

Salt Spray Chamber - The Ultimate Lab Testing Instrument to Prevent Corrosion

Rust or corrosion demolishes the quality of the metal or alloy. With the help of paint, greasing, coating, electroplating, etc. these metals can be preserved. But what if the acid content in pollution, moisture in weather does help corrosion to develop and devalue the metal. Well, we have the solution for this query. Presto brings Salt Spray Chamber which is the Ultimate Lab Testing Instrument to Prevent Corrosion in metals. It is the best testing tool used in the manufacturing units to determine the longevity of metal for better performance.

To enhance rust-proof manufacturing, Salt Spray Chamber is the best solution. And, Presto makes it easier and worthiest with the help of an innovative and easy-to-use testing machine. The company serves many industries with this unique solution so that they can bring the best in their goods and services.

Specification of Salt Spray Chamber by Presto Stantest

With the deep knowledge, practice, and experience of the company in bringing timely tested testing machines for various companies, Presto has become the first preference of many manufacturers & producers. The company brings unique and customized solutions for its every client. The Salt Spray Chamber by Presto is one of the highly appreciated testing machines by many manufacturers. The following features make it different from others.

  • This Chamber is available with Air Regulators.
  • It shows the temperature accuracy up to +/-2 Degree Celsius.
  • Inbuilt Temperature Control features
  • The testing operation can be performed on Temperature that ranges from Ambient to 40 degree Celsius
  • It has Glass Wool Insulation
  • It is available with automatic air purging or fog collection

Besides, Presto avails the testing machine with a cyclic timer, safety alarm, ethernal technology-like features which makes it more convenient to operate and more reliable in results.

Why Choose Presto for Lab Testing Instruments?

Presto has been serving several companies and industries with innovative testing solutions. The company complies with ISO & ASTM-like global standards that denote the mark of quality at the global level. Presto offers many benefits to its associates. Here are some of them

  • Quick delivery support at Pan India Level
  • Training sessions at your doorstep
  • Experts assistance before & after installation of the testing machine
  • Competitive rates
  • Certification of machines by global standards.

The company assures transparent business deals because of its ethical working modules. Connect with our experts for any assistance regarding working, benefits, etc. about Salt Spray Chamber. 

Get the competitive market price. Contact us to request a quote for Salt Spray Chamber and CASS Cum Salt Spray Chamber. We are available at +91-9210 903 903 or you can mail us your query at


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