Scuff Resistance Tester Forbids Diminishing The Quality Of Printed Labels

Scuff Resistance Tester Forbids Diminishing The Quality Of Printed Labels

The term scuff means the effect of scratches and rubs on the surface of the object when the product continuously comes in the contact of another object. Scuff Resistance tester is a useful and effective testing machine that helps to measure the permanence of printed, polished and painted materials to resist abrasion. The testing machine is capable enough to replicate the effects when a product continuously provided under the contact of the printed surface.

For a certain type of products, the printed information on the products is very crucial like typewriters, tools, keypads as a diminishing of printed instruction or the numbers cause significant trouble to the end users. The sturdiness of the printed information on the packaging products and the effect of the rigid materials on the products help to effectively measures with the help of scuff testing.

Most Effective Test Procedure to Test the Rubbing Resistance

The scuff tester measures the rubbing resistance of the materials and widely used in the paper and packaging industries. To commence the testing procedure, a rubbing test is performed that allows the user to rub the surface of the two materials with each other with the same velocity and on a natural surface. The constant pressure is used during the procedure while scuffing or rubbing which is performed with the speed of rpm.

To perform the test procedure, keep the test specimen on the base of the testing device with the printed surface in an upward direction. Then apply a load of 2 psi on the sample. To perform the test under some specific specifications, a specific number of strokes are set from the control panel and then the sample is inspected to measure any type of ink transfer. It is a very useful testing machine.

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