Smart Use Of Pet Bottles With PET Bottle Cutter

Smart Use Of Pet Bottles With PET Bottle Cutter

The PET bottle is the most preferred packaging item for the food industry for carbonated soda and juices. The PET bottles can be completely recycled. The PET bottles and jars are beneficial to increase the shelf life. Due to the light weight, the PET bottles are in demand by the packaging industries as it can reduce the conveyance costs and allow less fuel consumption during transport. The PET material is flexible and thus the small and large size bottles can be manufactured as per the need of the industry. The shelf space is used efficiently allowing lower cost and saving the environment.

Since the food products, beverages, soda and other items are bottled in PET bottles, the load distribution on each part of the bottle is necessary to prevent misbalancing and damage to the products. The PET Bottle Cutter is used for this purpose that precisely cuts the bottle into three parts; bottom, cylinder, and top and evaluates the exact weight.

The Uniform Load Distribution Measurement with PET Bottle Cutter

The PET bottle cutter calculates load distribution in each part to determine the mechanical quality. The packaging industries have to transport the bottled item every day, and even a single damaged bottle could spoil the entire packaging. A quality conscious manufacturer should always ask a question if the PET bottles are checked for an equal load distribution before bottling the products. The unequal distribution or uneven load can cause the PET bottle to fall and deform. The tool is cost effective and allows precise section cutting for the weight inspection.

The PET Bottle Cutter is capable of cutting the individual sections of the PET bottles of 200ml to 2000ml and 110mm respectively. The tool can cut the bottle without causing any deformation and damage. The device is useful for the quality controlling of the PET and plastics bottles. The digital display and control provide an accurate result.

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