Solution to Perform Corrosion Test on Different Metals

Solution to Perform Corrosion Test on Different Metals

What is Corrosion?

Corrosion is a deterioration of a material mainly metals when they come in direct contact with the environment. There is a huge direct cost of corrosion every year that manufacturers have to face as per the research and studies. On the other hand, indirect cost is incurred by the manufacturers due to the sudden failure of products, delays in the production process, litigations and many more which completely comes equivalent to the direct cost.

Factors Affecting Corrosion Rate

There is a list of various factors that directly affects the quality of the metals. These factors includes

  • Temperature,
  • Humidity or Moisture
  • Contaminants available in Air or Air Pollution
  • Salty water
  • Acids
  • Concentration differences across the metal surface
  • Direct contact of metal with other metals.

There are more than hundred known chemical elements out of which 80 comes under the category of metals. But some of the metals on which corrosion is usually found includes Copper, Aluminum, Iron, Titanium, Magnesium, etc.

If we talk about the iron, 90 percent of the mining of metal ores is done for the extraction of iron because it is cheap metal with high-strength that make it indispensable for various engineering applications such as machine tools, construction of machinery, hulls of ships, automobiles, structural components for building, etc. In addition to this, if we add huge quantities of carbon to iron, it will double the strength of the iron. On the other hand, steel has a lower quantity of carbon content when compared to cast iron.

Corrosion – Major Problem Arises with Iron Alloys

The major problem that arises with all types of iron alloys is Corrosion. Many types of metals that are machined in different industries has a unique concern that created corrosion on them. Therefore, different test methods are used to determine the quality of the metals and iron alloys. Some of the test methods are too time taking for routine use to monitor the effect of environmental conditions on the metals.

Salt Spray Test for Corrosion Testing

Salt Sprat test is a highly standardized test method which is used to measure the corrosion resistance strength of the coated sample when they are exposed to corrosive environment. To perform the salt spray test, different corrosion test chambers are used. These chambers are used to measure the strength, quality and working life of the metals by subjecting them to different environmental conditions.

Salt Spray Chambers or Corrosion Test Chambers are widely used to perform the Salt Spray test where a sample is provided with a salty environment by spraying a salt solution on the material by means of a nozzle. This creates a corrosive environment for the products and helps to determine the quality of the material actual working life of the product. The test samples can be exposed to the highly appropriate volume of salt spray.

Application of Corrosion Test Chambers

Apart from the use of corrosion test chambers in metal products manufacturing industries to determine the corrosion resistance strength of the metals, these are also used to measure the quality of the paint and coating that are applied to the metals. For example, in automotive industries, different types of coatings and plating are applied on the metal substrate to provide an elegant look to the vehicles. But these coating and plating face many challenges when they are subjected to different environmental conditions during their actual life.  To measure the strength and quality of coating and paint, salt spray test is performed. This test helps to analyze the behavior of different types of coating in different environmental conditions. For this, Different test conditions are set with the device to determine the quality of the electroplated zinc, nickel or steel parts by keeping them under test for more than 72 hours.

Salt Spray Chambers by Presto

Presto, one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of testing machines offer state of the art, high-quality Salt Spray Chamber that can efficiently create realistic atmospheric conditions inside the chamber. This helps the manufacturers to measure the rust proof ability of the metals and related components to withstand corrosion in different environmental conditions. The coating is usually done on mild steel, ferrous alloys, brass, etc. to provide them corrosion resistant finish.  The corrosion on products is seen after a period of time. The salt spray test helps to measure the corrosion resistance strength of the coatings because the more the corrosion resistant is the material; more will be the working life of the products.

Key Expertise of Salt Spray Chamber offered by Presto

  • The device is fitted with a touch screen control panel. The touch screen ensures the ease of use (Device with digital control panel is also available)
  • It has zero corrosion PT100 sensor

To get more assistance regarding this testing instrument, you can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at We will surely assist you with your queries.

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