Standard Operating Procedure To Test Leak Integrity Of Bottle Caps

Test Leak Integrity

Secure Seal test is one of the major quality checks which is performed in the testing laboratories of PET and Preform industries to ensure the leak integrity properties of PET bottle caps. The testing procedure is performed in an extremely standardized manner to test the applications of caps or lids of glass and bottle containers. To perform the secure seal test on bottles in highly effective manner, it is necessary to make use of highly standardized and high-quality of the testing instrument. Presto Stantest offers premium quality of secure seal tester. The instrument accurately measures the quality of the bottle caps and lids by following a standard operating procedure.

Secure Seal Testing Method

  1. Steps for preparation of the test Sample:
  2. To commence the test, take a sample of the PET bottle that you want to test.
  3. Place it in a Presto’s bottleneck cutter and cut the part of the bottle just below the collar.
  4. This will give you two parts of the bottle that are one with the cap and the other with the whole part of the bottle. The cap part will be used as the test specimen for secure seal tester.
  5. Now fix the part of the bottle cap into the specimen test

How to operate the machine?

  1. First of all turn the machine on by plugging the mains socket of the machine into a 3 pin 15 amp socket. Now insert the pressure pipe into the pressurized air inlet.
  2. Set the test duration timing on the digital timer.
  3. Now pull out the pressure regulating valve to regulate the pressure.
  4. After setting the pressure, take out the pressure pipe out of the container.
  5. Connect the pressure pipe to the pressure nipple which is attached to the specimen fixture.
  6. Pour water slowly into the test container. The water should be filled to such a level that the test specimen is easily immersed completely.
  7. Now, close the lid of the container.
  8. After proper placement of specimen, push to start button.
  9. After the pressure is being exerted, observe the specimen. If there is no leakage in the seal of the specimen, then there will be no disturbance in the water and if there is leakage in the sample the bubbles will be generated in the water.

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