Test The Impact Of Falling Dart On Plastic Films & Verify Its Strength

Test The Impact Of Falling Dart On Plastic Films & Verify Its Strength

The features and properties of polymers and plastics explain the quality of the materials. The molecular elasticity of the polymers or plastics explains the impact strength which is the spontaneous property of the polymers. This property plays an important role to evaluate the stiffness of the product. The stiffness, rigidity, flexibility or elasticity of the polymers explains the capability to absorb the force which is applied to the material surface. Usually, the plastic films are used for packaging different types of products that experience many phrases of wear and tear at the time of its usage. Therefore, the impact resistance strength of the plastic films is recognized to measure the quality of the plastic films and to make the film stand firm with a huge amount of impact forces.

Falling Dart Impact Tester – Best to Measure the Impact Strength

The result of impact forces can be measured easily with the help of Dart Impact Tester. The method of testing clearly measures the forces that can spoils or damage the quality of the thermoplastic films that are kept under some specific conditions and when the film is provided by the free falling dart. The force which is applied to the plastic film from a free falling dart is expressed in terms of mass which are directly determined when a dart of exact weight is dropped from a specific height which leads to the failure or damage to the specimen.

Testing Solution for Thermoplastic Films by Presto Stantest

Presto Stantest offers a broad range of plastic and packaging testing machine such as Falling Dart Impact Tester to measure the strength and quality of the plastic films. The instrument is supplied with the different weights of darts along with the options of setting the height of the dart. The testing machine works on the electromagnetic mechanism that helps to set the light and heavy weight of the free falling darts easily. The testing machine offers highly precise and accurate test results.

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