Test Various Properties of Materials and Products at High Temperatures

Test Various Properties of Materials and Products at High Temperatures

Muffle furnace has been used from very long time for achieving high temperature for different purposes. In the modern times, there are electric muffle furnaces that are used in industries to achieve very high temperatures. There are furnaces that can give a temperature up to 950 degree Celsius. This high temperature can be further used for different industrial processes. Different industries such as metal industries, glass industries, paints, ceramics, etc. use the muffle furnace extensively for the purpose of the attaining extremely high temperatures. Here are some of the applications of Muffle furnaces in industries.

Glass Industry

In the glass industry, there are many different tasks that need very high amount of temperatures. The processes like melting the glass for recycling, blow molding, etc. high temperatures are required. The electrical muffle furnace can be used for attaining such high temperatures easily. In addition to that, they are also used for making glass stronger and better by bending them. The temperature required for making glass soft enough for being processed is around 700 to 900 degree Celsius, which can be easily achieved with the muffle furnace.


The ceramics are very useful products that are used in industries with high working temperatures. To test the behavior of the ceramic products at very high temperatures and extreme working conditions, the manufacturers need to test the products at very high temperatures. The muffle furnace helps the manufacturers in achieving such high temperature so that the quality of the products could be checked easily.

Paints industry

In the paint industry, the instrument is used for rapid drying of the paints, coatings and enamels. This is also used for testing the effect of extremely high temperatures on the efficiency and performance of the paint products.

Muffle Furnace

The muffle furnace is a closed chamber which is surrounded with high-quality glass wool for heat insulation. The walls of the chamber are ribbed with high-quality heating elements for creating high temperatures. Canthal wires provide efficient heating along with long service life. The inner chamber of the instrument should be fabricated from high-grade stainless steel so that it could withstand the continuous heat application on it.

Presto is a leading testing instruments manufacturers that offer high-quality muffle furnace that has been used in industries for various purposes and has been providing efficient heating of the specimen. The instrument is designed for easy operation, and best test results.

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