The Role Of Testing Instruments For Increasing The Sale Of The Products

The Role Of Testing Instruments For Increasing The Sale Of The Products

Packaging Industry is the most demanding industry that is connected with our lives. The packaging is the mirror that reflects the lifestyle and ideas of a new generation. The basic purpose of packaging the products is to protect the product during shipment and storage; however customer also selects the products according to that is easy to handle. The online marketing trend has increased the demand for corrugated boxes, carton boxes, and other materials to deliver the products. Packaging is the part of the products and has increased the product value.

Presto offers the high-quality testing equipment to check the quality of various materials used by the packaging industry.

Purpose of Packaging Industry

  • Maintaining the Product’s Integrity – The packaging provides protection to the products from discoloring, dust, damage, ultraviolet rays, etc. The food products need to keep fresh and free of contamination.
  • Enhancing product appeal and convenience – The good packaging with convenient handling boost the commercial appeal of goods. The right kind of packaging allows the customers to use the product at any place. The best packaging is easy to carry, open and use.
  • Better wrapping improves logistics efficiency – If the packaging is good, the operating expenses are reduced including storage, handling, transportation, etc.
  • Protection of products against various environmental factors – The packaging product must have the ability to tolerate various ups and downs during production. The dampness, dirt, breakage, rupture, load can harm the products like jam, biscuits, etc. The tight packing is recommended.
  • Convenient for the users – A handy packaging product is preferred for consuming or stocking. Coke introduces the new PET bottles with carriage for easy stocking. The FROOTI is also packed in the convenient form for easy consumption.
  • Good marketing – The customers are content with the delivery services of the online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. The reason is right and safe packaging. The corrugated boxes or other packaging materials, used by the online sites, are thoroughly tested for the quality aspects so that customer receives the products in good order without damage. The packaging acts like a good salesperson and increases the sales because customer trust in your service.

Why Testing Equipment?

  • Prior checks of problems that could be faced during transportation – The testing instruments are used to test the various physical properties of the PET, Plastic, Corrugated, etc. that help to sort out the problems like bursting of bottles or container, compression, tensile property, melting, etc. The testing of raw materials before production of the packaging products providing an exact or clear picture of the future hurdles.
  • Safety Assurance – The testing devices checks the inferior quality material and alerts the manufacturers about the future problems that could be faced during the transportation or storage. For example, the bursting strength tester, top load tester, edge crush tester, etc. check the strength of the corrugated boxes when placed stacked during transportation.
  • Identifies the right material – Testing the materials help to determine the quality of the products and contribute to deciding kind of products. For example, some products are fragile and need to be packed cautiously. A right quality assures the safety.
  • Maintains the integrity of the products – If using a right packaging material, means the product inside is safe without losing its original shape, scent, taste, etc. Like Coke or Pepsi are bottled using the quality-tested PET bottles. The testing devices like seal tester, Polariscope, hot wire bottle cutter, etc. are some examples of appropriate tools for PET and Preform testing.

Presto designs the testing devices by considering the manufacturers need.  Everything like plastic, metal, textile, rubber paper, polymers, PET, packaging material, etc. can be tested using the superior quality machines, available from  basic analogue models to computerized models.


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