Top 6 Factors That Affect The Coefficient Of Friction Tester Measurements

Top 6 Factors That Affect The Coefficient Of Friction Tester Measurements

The coefficient of friction tester is one of the amazing lab instruments that will be available at Presto Testing Instruments. This highly accurate testing tool will help to measure the coefficient of sliding friction and provide you a measurement of friction that will exist on two surfaces covered with some kind of material. This premium quality of the tool is used in the packaging industry to determine kinetic as well as static coefficient of friction of materials under specific conditions.

This amazing tool will also help to determine the stacking ability of plastic films and sheets. Besides so many applications of this testing equipment, it has been affected by a large number of factors as well. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with some factors that will affect the measurements of this lab testing instrument. So, let us get started with those factors.

List of Top 6 Factors That Affect Measurements of Coefficient Of Friction Tester

It will be easy to determine the properties of materials like plastic films as well as sheets. It all depends on the evenness in the rate of motion between two surfaces. Thus, you can easily measure the coefficient of friction between the two packaging materials with the help of this amazing lab testing equipment from Presto. You can also find a set of testing instruments that will be used for packaging and quality assurance. We have created a list of different sets of factors that will affect the measurements of this testing instrument. Read the list of factors below.

  • When you try to perform a comparison test of two materials on different testing instruments then the rubber surfaces of these two sleds will be different. Therefore, we suggest you go with the same sleds when you make use of testing instruments. This will help to remove the inaccuracy and variability in the results. 
  • Another factor that affects the measurement of the coefficient of friction tester is the roughness of plate surfaces. It is always suggested to keep the condition/roughness of plate surfaces the same when you evaluate the specimen between two or more friction testers. The surface will affect the reading when it gets transferred through the film. 
  • It is important to check that the instrument should always be read zero before you start testing. If it will not be on zero then it will affect the readings and final result. Another most important point you should remember is that you should not 
  • When you place the sled on the sample then you should make sure that the time required before the test starts should be consistent in every measurement. Thus, you should keep this thing in mind. 
  • Having wrinkles on the film will result in inappropriate measurements thus you should make sure that there will be no wrinkles on the film when placing it on the test plate. 
  • When you compare the different samples using the same testing instruments then you should make sure that the internet settings are same.

These are some factors that will affect the measurement of coefficient of friction tester. Thus you should consider these factors and follow them effectively so that there will be no chances of error.


In this blog, we have mentioned the different factors that will affect the coefficient of friction while testing it with a testing instrument. You can take care of these factors and follow the right procedure to test the specimen. You can easily purchase the co-efficient of friction testing machine from Presto Testing Instruments at the best prices.

To know more information about its features, price, and technical specifications, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at

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