Understand The Role Of Colors And Assess Quality With CMC

Understand The Role Of Colors And Assess Quality With CMC

The color of materials depends on the geometric angle, nature of the illuminating and viewing condition. This practice specifies a standard condition for appraising the colors and color differences of opaque specimens that are diffusely illuminated. Daylight, the natural illuminant, is usually of primary interest, but natural daylight is highly variable and is not available at night or in interior rooms. So, simulated daylight is used. Color may match under a light source with one spectral power distribution, but not under another, so the match is usually confirmed under different source.

Purpose of Color Matching Cabinet

Color matching cabinet equipment is used in textile industry and is suitable for almost all applications that require color consistency and quality. It is designed for the visual evaluation of color differences under standardized and controlled lighting conditions.

Presto’s Color Matching cabinet – Spectrum Asia provides a standardized and controlled environment for visual assessment of colors. The color matching cabinet will show your true color.

It allows the user to evaluate Color Samples under different Light Sources:

  1. Artificial Daylight (D-65)
  2. Cool White Light (CWF)
  3. Tungsten Filament Light (Domestic Light Matching)
  4. Ultra Violet Black Light (White & Fluorescent Dyes)
  5. TL-84 Light -Troposphere fluorescent Light (Point of Sale)

The use of Multiple Light Sources is the only way to detect – a phenomenon where samples appear to matchless under one light source but are distinctly different under another. Color matching cabinets a universally preferred choice for faster, Closer and Accurate Color Matching.

Technical Specifications of the Instrument

  1. Main Supply :230V, 50 Hz, AC Single Phase
  2. Angle of Viewing board :45°
  3. Hour totalizer :0 – 10,000 Hour, L/C: 1 Min

Key Features of Presto’s Color Matching Cabinet
There are many features of Color Matching Cabinet. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • The device provides reproducible and controlled lighting conditions.
  • It designed with wide viewing area.
  • Best to used in every production vertical where colors play a significant role whether it is textile, rubber, plastic, paper, etc.
  • It comprises of multiple light sources to identify the phenomenon of Metamerism.
  • Various light sources that are provided are artificial daylight, cool white light, tungsten filament light, ultraviolet black light, tri-phosphor light.
  • The apparatus is available in different other designs and specifications according to buyers needs across Asia, Europe & USA.

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