BOD Incubators In Testing Laboratories

BOD Incubators In Testing Laboratories

BOD Incubators are the testing equipment that are widely used in microbiological laboratories to maintain and cultivate the cell and microbiological cultures. The instruments are used to sustain and control the humidity and temperature conditions inside the laboratories. The device is also used to maintain certain factors of the atmosphere as carbon dioxide content, oxygen content. Incubators are essential to perform many types of experiments in molecular biology, microbiology and biology cells to culture the eukaryotic cell and bacterial cells.

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Various Applications of Incubators

Poultry Industries - Incubators are majorly used in poultry industries as a substitute for hens to enhance the rate of the hatching.


Hospitals - The instrument is also used to keep the premature babies to provide them the environment required for their further development. The temperature inside the incubators is maintained as similar to that of the mother’s womb. It is also used as laboratory testing equipment by the doctors to determine any kind of bacterial infection in the human body. Such kinds of incubators are known as bacteriological incubators.


Agricultural Sector - Apart from this, these laboratory incubators are used to consider the growth in the tissue culture or cells which are different from the organisms. To perform the test, the sample is placed inside the instrument and temperature is regulated as per the standard requirements of the sample. This process helps the scientists to monitor the fragmentation of the tissues, to determine the working and growth of cells.

How are Incubators designed?

Laboratory incubators are usually comprised of three things:

SS 304 sheet inside,

Glass wool to maintain the thermal energy inside the chamber, and

Insulation materials like motors, fans, nuts, etc.


BOD incubators are double walled convection units that require low maintenance and can be used for long period of time. The equipment seems to be highly energy efficient and versatile in nature at the time of usage. Indirect heating can also be regulated by the instrument with the help of air heater that is duly fitted in the instruments made up of the high quality of kanthal wire. The warm temperature throughout the chamber can be maintained with the help of circulating fans and motors that ensure perfect temperature maintenance.

BOD incubators are widely used to perform day to day bacteriological tests in the testing laboratories. These instruments are user-friendly in nature and comprise of highly developed operating systems that examine the samples carefully and helps the users to maintain accurate and reliable data. These instruments are designed by the manufacturers with the vast range of features for different applications depending on their usage.

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