Use of PET Bottle Cutter

Use of PET Bottle Cutter

Use of PET Bottles

PET Bottle is a highly preferred mode of packaging which is widely used in different production verticals to fill the liquids, juices, carbonated drinks, soda, medicines, and other chemicals. As pet bottles can be recycled completely, they are beneficial to enhance the shelf life of the products. PET bottles are demanded by the manufacturers in different industries as it is considered as the best means of packaging because it is light in weight and non-reactive to any types of chemicals hence considered as the best mode to protect the quality of the products. Another benefit of PET bottles is that it is highly flexible in nature and is accessible in several sizes as per the necessity of the manufacturers. It is considered as the environment savvy and affordable means of packaging.

Benefits of PET Bottles

The commonly used plastic in packaging industries is PET, but it does not have the presence of polyethylene in it. PET plastics are used widely for packaging because it is the reliable and safest mode as it is non-reactive to the chemicals. Moreover, it is the best mode for storing food products such as ketchup, water, juices, carbonated drinks, mayonnaise, cheese and other food items. There are  numerous benefits of PET plastics. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • PET plastics are non-reactive to chemicals
  • They are completely impact
  • It offers clarity, rigidity as well as scratch resistance.
  • The temperature tolerance range of the PET plastic is -50to 110. Hence they are completely safe for bottling of food products.
  • They are best to manufacture containers with a narrow mouth and broad mouth as it is very flexible in nature and can be molded easily into any shape.
  • These are lightweight, transparent material with good strength.

PET is the best packaging material that enhances the shelf life of the contents as it offers an excellent barrier to reduce the wastage as they are environmental friendly. Moreover, it helps to maintain the freshness of the food products for a long time.

How to Test PET Bottles?

As all the liquid products are bottled in PET bottles, it becomes the prime responsibility of the manufacturers to test the quality and strength of the bottles. The quality of the PET bottles can be tested using high-quality of testing machines. The major problem that arises at the time of bottle refilling is misbalancing of the bottles due to equal load in every part of the bottle. To prevent the misbalancing of the bottle and any sort of damage to the bottle, it is necessary to analyze the weight of every section of the bottle using section weight analysis methodology.

Bottle Cutter for Section Weight Analysis

The weight of each section of the bottle can be analyzed by cutting the bottle into equal sections for measuring the weight accurately. To perform the same, PET bottle cutting instrument or Bottle cutters are used that easily and precisely cut the bottle into different sections namely, TOP, CYLINDER, and BOTTOM.


Uniform Material Distribution Measurement with Bottle Cutting Machine

Bottle Cutting Instruments also are known as PET Bottle Cutter are used to cut the bottles precisely into an equal section for calculating whether the material distribution in every section is uniform or not and to determine the mechanical properties of the bottles. The bottle packaging departments of different industries have to transport the bottles from one place to another every day and a single damaged bottle that spoil the entire lot. Hence, they need to test the quality of bottle packaging before delivering it to the customers.

A quality conscious manufacturer always asks whether the bottle has gone through various testing such as section weight analysis or not before bottling the product in the bottles to ensure the equal material distribution and to prevent the bottles from frequent fall or deformation. The PET bottles cutters are cost effective and highly precise devices that help to cut the bottles smoothly and easily for weight inspection without deforming the edges of the bottle white cutting.

One of the best Bottle cutters which are used in testing laboratories of PET industries is Hot Wire Bottle Cutter. The cutter is capable enough in cutting the bottle in three or four sections of 2000 ml of the bottle. The testing device is widely used to control the quality of PET bottles.

Use of PET Bottle Cutter for Equal Material Distribution

Hot Wire Bottle Cutters are highly recommended to cut the Pet containers precisely for accurate section weight analysis and offer equal distribution of beverages and food products at the time of packaging. This helps to prevent misbalancing of the PET bottles and prevents the bottles from damage.

Key Expertise of Hot Wire PET Bottle Cutter

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is the primary choice of the manufacturer in PET industries to test the strength of the bottles easily. It is a user-friendly and cost-effective device that allows quick slicing of PET bottles and the best thing of the instrument is that it provides the provision of smooth bottle cutting without deforming the edges of the sections of bottles. It is a highly standardized device which is designed as per the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

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