What is a Heat Seal Tester And How It Helps in Packaging?

What is a Heat Seal Tester And How It Helps in Packaging

In the packaging industry, it is very important for people to make use of the right products to deliver the material without any damage. Thus the products should be sealed properly to make sure there will be no fault occur while shipping. Therefore, Presto Testing Instruments have come up with some amazing testing equipment like a heat seal tester that will be helpful in sealing the specimen for further determination of seal parameters. This amazing testing instrument is comprised of various advanced features that make it the choice of everyone. From basic films to laminated materials, you can check the seal of these products with the help of a heat seal tester from Presto.

Here in this blog, we will provide you brief information about heat seal testing equipment from Presto and how it helps in packaging. So, let us get started with this amazing info.

Presto heat seal tester models

This consistent tool from Presto is used to perform heat sealing on flexible packaging films. Here we have created a list of different models of this testing machine.

  • Laboratory Heat Sealer - Prima Model - PLHS-22 (150 mm)

This testing instrument from Presto is used to measure the heat seal performance of various packaging products. This model of heat seal tester is used in various industries including the plastic industry and is comprised of a digital display and microprocessor. Thus, you can easily make use of this testing instrument to test plastic films.

  • Laboratory Heat Sealer- Model No. PLHS-24 (500 mm)

This pneumatic model of this testing instrument is used in various industries to measure the performance of thermoplastic materials. You can easily test the materials like composite films, PP, PE used in different food products, detergents, etc. It has been made with ASTM standards.

  • Laboratory Heat Sealer - Prima Model - PLHS-23 (300 mm)

Another model of this testing instrument is the Prima model. It contains advanced features that will let you perform heat seal tests easily. It contains separated temperature sensors and controllers to maintain the jaws at different temperatures.

These are some amazing models of heat seal strength tester from Presto Testing Instruments that will help you to perform heat sealing easily. To get started learning how we make your life easier when it comes to product testing, give us a call today.

Importance of heat seal tester in the packaging industry

We all want to deliver accurate products to the customers. Therefore, to make sure the products would not get damaged by external temperature conditions, it is important to seal them properly. You can do this with the help of a heat seal testing instrument from Presto. The heat seal tester will help to create a thermal bonding of the products to make sure that there will be no external temperature conditions would effect. So, with the help of a heat seal testing instrument, you can easily perform the seal of material at a certain pressure. When you properly do the heat sealing process, then the products would not get affected by moisture or any further damage. Thus, the heat sealing process will be helpful in the long shelf life of a product.


Heat sealing has a direct impact on the quality of materials. With the help of a heat sealer from Presto, you will make sure that the product delivered will be of high quality. It will also ensure the tamper-proof and also extends its life. Thus, you can make use of a heat seal tester testing instrument to make sure that the products you deliver would be of high quality.

Our team has years of experience and expertise in providing high-quality instruments at competitive prices. To take the hassle out of finding what you need, give us a call today!

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