Why Hot Air Oven Is Preferred Mostly Among All Sterilization Devices?

Why Hot Air Oven Is Preferred Mostly Among All Sterilization Devices

Laboratory Hot Air Oven is an electronic equipment which is used to sterilize the products. The device is usually found in hospitals and pharmaceutical industries by the professionals to sterilize surgical equipment. The technicians and Scientists in testing laboratories use hot air oven frequently because is the best instrument to maintain the temperature and does face any problem of internal pressure build up that other sterilization equipment do.

The interior of the hot air ovens is equipped with the digital thermostat that controls the temperature ranges from 5 ° Celsius to 300 ° Celsius. The oven comprises a double walled chamber which is designed to maintain the level of heat throughout the cabinet and reduces the level of energy output. The external part of the instrument is designed with the high-quality of metal, and the interior is constructed with the poor conductor of heat. Between the double-wall to fill the air space insulation is provided. Inside the instrument, an equal level of heat is maintained at the temperature with the help of inbuilt circulation fan.

As compared to other types of sterilization instruments, the Lab Hot Air Oven is a compact device. The dry heat which is created by the oven is highly beneficial to kill the harmful microorganisms as compared to the sterilization equipment that produces moist heat. Temperature provided oven is comparatively best then those who found other sterilization units. Moreover, the working cycle of the hot air oven is comparatively shorter in comparison with the steam sterilization units. To perform the process of sterilization properly, the instrument need to be preheated before they can be operated. The preheating time is quite important to complete the process of sterilization effectively. If the user opens the door of the oven before the process ends the heat of the device will come out and the instrument need to be turn off completely and the process of the preheating need to started again.

A conventional hot air oven sterilization process usually performed at a temperature of 320o efficiently. At this temperature, keep the specimen inside the device approximately for 90 minutes to complete the cycle. The conventional ovens are also provided the hot air oven supplier to provide forced air at 190o Celsius to lessen down the period of working cycle. The medical or surgical equipment that are wrapped properly in the heat-safe material can be sterilized in convection ovens in just 15 minutes whereas the unwrapped tools took only 5 to 7 minutes to sterilize.

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