Why Should You Need a Colour Matching Cabinet in Your Textile Unit?

Why Should You Need a Colour Matching Cabinet in Your Textile Unit

The Textile market has been attaining a new height of growth since the last decade. As well as there is a huge scope of growth and development in the coming years. So, investing money for a prosperous venture in this industry would be a wise step. But if you add traits like quality in your product/material, your success can get a new height.

The best quality control and manufacturing process can become a significant step for manufacturers. Here, Colour Matching Cabinet makes the tasks a little easier for them. This testing equipment helps to eradicate Metamerism from fabric. It is done to determine the visual evaluation of colour of the fabric.

Satisfaction of the customer is the prime thing for a prosperous business. To let your business grow at a new pace, Presto Stantest comes up with quality assured colour matching cabinet. You will get certified testing instruments at economic prices.

Function of Colour Matching Cabinet

To check the colour difference in fabric after couor fastness, Color Light Box / Color Matching Cabinet plays an important role in textile testing laboratories. Thus, it will help the manufacturer to get the grade evaluation according to the specified standards.

Note: To check the colour difference in night duty, it is very important to use standard light sources for colour maching.

Application of Colour Matching Cabinet

Textile Industry along with  industries like automotive, Cosmetics, Foodstuffs, Footwear, Furniture, knitwear, Leather, Dyeing, Printing, Inks, packaging, etc. have a great demand of color matching consistency.  To ensure the accurate and precise testing, Presto’s Colour Matching Cabinet can help in the easier way.

This testing instrument is used for visual assessment of colour under standard lights like D Light, TFL, TL – 84, UVB, CWF Light. The testing instrument is highly recommended for yarn, plant, fabric dyeing, etc. This cabinet complies Global standards.

Choose Presto Colour Matching Cabinet for Best Results

Being a prestigious name in the testing instruments manufacturing, Presto’s Colour Matching Cabinet is one among the highest selling ones. It is used mainly in manufacturing units and laboratories where it is essential to determine and maintain quality and colour consistency of a product. The company provides safe to use instruments as it provides an identical environment for visual assessment and evaluation of colour under controlled lightening conditions.

Presto’s colour matching cabinet is equipped with amazing enclosure for visual inspection of colours of garments, textiles, fabrics, clothes, leathers, etc. The colour testing instrument has ability to match a material accurately under different standards and required light sources by diminishing the interference of external lights.

Get the best colour Matching Cabinet with global certification at economic prices only at Presto Stantest. To get an expert advice for the same, reach us out at +91 9210903903 or email us query regarding the testing instrument at info@prestogroup.com.

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