A Friend For Metal Industry - Rust Testing Chamber

A Friend For Metal Industry - Rust Testing Chamber

Corrosion is the gradual destruction of the metals due to the chemical reaction with the environmental conditions. The corrosion starts due to condensation of humid air and when metal surface contacts the water or electrolyte. Corrosion is a headache for the industries because it requires heavy maintenance like applying the effective metal coatings or paints. The reliability and strength of the metal coating are crucial to making the underlying metal durable for the extended period of time. The corrosion resistance of surface coatings is evaluated with the help of Rust Testing Chamber. The testing procedure checks the effect on test specimen when exposed to a salt laden environment and determines the rust proof ability due to environmental conditions. The tool is capable of simulating the real environmental conditions. The equipment is preferred to perform tests in the laboratories for comparative testing. The instrument is time tested, reliable and specially designed to check the components ability to withstand corrosion.

The Rust Testing Chamber has a transparent cover that allows constant direct visual observation and helps in optimization of testing inspection. The chamber is fitted with a glass wool insulation for correct and reliable test results. The instrument is complying with the international standard of testing. The air flow is regulated from 0 to 30 Psi with the help of air flow meter. An air jacket heating system allows even and reliable operation. The instrument is provided with some standard accessories like gauges, cyclic timer, air purging, a regulator, etc. that help the manufacturers and suppliers for performing an adequate testing.

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