A Valuable Tool For Quality Assurance - Melt Flow Index Tester

A Valuable Tool For Quality Assurance - Melt Flow Index Tester

The melt flow test is performed to determine the viscosity of the material, and the test result is depending on the additives, molecular weight and other ingredients. The index value is used to compare the materials to each other. The flow properties of molten plastics or resins are evaluated or analyzed using the high-quality Melt Flow Index Tester. The quality of the plastic material is determined by checking its MFI Tester and thus recommended for most of the plastic manufacturers. The tool is used to test the physical and chemical properties of the plastic products or materials. The instrument is precise and accurate for calculating the weight of the resins flowing out from the capillary tube in every 10 minutes in a definite load.

 The equipment has a human interface multicolor touchscreen display that is easy to operate for the end users. The piston is used to exert the pressure on the test specimen. The melt flow index tester is designed automatically and has a temperature setting between ambient to 400°C. The instrument allows easy changeability of weights with the auto cutting facility. The device has a digital PID temperature controller for reproducibility and precise result. The digital preset timer in the tool has a range of 59 minutes to 59 seconds. The exterior part of the machine is duly powder coated that provides corrosion resistance. The device has some standard accessories such as an orifice, spanner, piston, mirror, material charger, funnel spoon, barrel cleaner, plumb line, etc. The heavy metal base plate provides durability and safety.

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