Accurate Analysis of Residual Stress in Plastic Sheets

Accurate Analysis of Residual Stress in Plastic Sheets

Plastic sheets are the major part of the packaging industry. They are used in various ways. They are used to manufacture the packaging wraps, the plastic containers, of distinct shapes sizes and many more other shapes and sizes. But do you know how they are manufactured and why we must concentrate on its manufacturing process? Due to the stress and strain distribution, it projects in itself due to the improper heating and cooling of the plastic raw material. In this post, we will learn how the use of Polariscope strain viewer can detect these issues and help in improving the quality of the plastic sheets.

Plastic sheets are manufactured with great precision and accuracy. But still, a human alone cannot see every minute defect with their naked eyes. So, what they need is a help of technology. When the plastic sheets are manufactured the process starts with melting the plastic raw material. In a heating chamber. After that, they put in the gasket in which shape they want the molten plastic to be moulded. They cool it down and then can be supplied further to suppliers or consumes. Now in between the process of heating and cooling down sometimes the plastic sheet generated the strain distribution.
Polariscope strain viewer is the most popular instrument which can be used to detect the strain distribution with an easy method. The polarizing light passes through the plastic and colour the area or points it has generated strain and stress.

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