Advanced Mode Testing of Plastic Container's Stack Ability

Advanced Mode Testing of Plastic Container's Stack Ability
Plastic containers are very popular in every vertical. Be it domestic or industrial more than billions of people trust plastic containers for storing and transporting their materials. Due to its toughness and strength and its very remarkable property which is its non-reactive material, it is always preferred first. Be it domestic use, like storing pulses or any spices or milk or cookies. At home, we trust on such containers as we know that it will not exhibit issues like rust or jamming lids and brakings like in metal, steel or glass containers. Also, they are very light in weight. In industries too people trust such material for keeping specimen or components as they believe that it seals the out atmosphere and is non-reactive towards a maximum number of substances. In this post, we will learn more about Presto’s hi-tech mode of testing using Coefficient of Friction Tester.
But nowadays as more and more people are using plastic containers for almost everything the production also increase and so increased the marketing and brands. So where will you stand in such competition? The solution for keeping ahead of all and lead the line is improvement and evolution. Innovate quality of your products. In plastic containers, there are many factors that one must take care of but the one we will discuss is the stacking friction of plastic containers. So what it means and is it really important to test.
For instance, you are working in a paint industry and you have segregated distinct shades by codes and stored them in plastic containers in a storeroom. Every box contains a unique formula of paints and cannot be mixed with any other. Suddenly an operator enters the room and while taking one container he somehow creates a slight jerk on the stand which makes the stand t move and due to extra slippery nature of the plastic boxes they started falling down and destroys the content inside.
Now such situations can be avoided by conducting friction test of plastic material to fix a particular amount of friction on the surface of the containers so that these type of dangerous situations can be avoided.


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