Advantages of Flexible Packaging

Advantages of Flexible Packaging

Marketing of a product plays a crucial role in making it popular among the consumers and its sustenance in the market. Packing of the product tends to make the first impression on the end consumer. Apart from assuring the safety of the contents inside, it grabs the attention of the buyer. Nowadays, many fancy packings can be seen on the shelves. Amongst all, flexible packing is gaining popularity due to its highly adaptable properties. Apart from that, it does not require very stringent testing procedures. A few testing machines like dart impact tester, vacuum leak tester, bursting strength tester can tell about the quality of the products.

Advantages of flexible packaging over other forms of packing

Customizable –  Flexible packing is highly customizable. From size to thickness to print, design, locking mechanism, shapes and lot more, there are numerous customization options. This not only fulfils the industrial demands but can become the USP of the product. For instance, wafers sold in flexible packing with zipping locks assure that they are fit for use after breaking the seal. Environmental conditions like humidity, moisture won’t affect the quality of wafers. And, the first company to launch this type of packing has grabbed a good share of the target customer.

Food Grade - Flexible packing is highly suitable for packing all types of food and beverages. Made with food grade plastics, this type of packing is perfect for solid, liquid and powder form of consumables. Nowadays, due to competitiveness in the market, many manufacturers have replaced their PET packings with pouches having spouts. The user can re-use it multiple times and their quality won’t get hampered due to frequent openings.

Attractive Prints – Flexible packing has high printability. Thus, prints can be made very attractive using Rotogravure printing technique. It enhances the aesthetics of the product and makes it eye-catching. Also, this ensures the consistency of the printing. In other forms of packing, especially fiber board packing, the real prints get affected by texture and colour of the surface. This can be overcome in plastic flex pack.

Easy testing – In the end, it is considered as a delicate form of packing, especially for liquids. If not tested appropriately, the product failure may happen. But the industry has employed some easy to use devices to check the sanity of the packets.

Dart impact tester is used to check the durability of plastic film to be used for packing. In this test, a dart is made to fall freely on the sample attached to a hollow fixture. It determines the durability of the packet when a blunt object falls on it. Similarly, there are many other tests to check different parameters of the packings.

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