All about the CASS cum Salt Spray Chamber

All about the CASS cum Salt Spray Chamber

A Copper accelerated salt spray test or CASS Test is a utilized for assessing the corrosion resistance of the material, usually aluminium alloys. It is also used for evaluating the resistance strength of chromium plating visible on steel and zinc die castings towards corrosive attack. Initially, this testing procedure was also used to analyse decorative coatings made up of nickel, copper or chromium that was electrodeposited onto the metal's surface. In this blog section, we will share some more details about the test and especially the testing apparatus, i.e. CASS cum salt spray chamber.

The CASS test has made it easier for many labs and industries to generate new and superior quality of electroplating processes. This test is commonly applied to research and development labs where more efficient coating and electroplating layers are generated for distinct metal surfaces. Also, it is a vital part of manufacturing control processes, specification acceptance and simulated service evaluations.

The major difference it has from the NSS or neutral salt spray test is its solution. The fog solution is made by taking 95 parts of water to 5 parts of salt by weight to create a standard solution as per ASTM B 117. A reagent of grade copper chloride is then added to the solution. This solution is then sprayed in the chamber using an atomizer post mixing, and the chamber’s temperature is maintained at 490°C. The fog is then collected, tested for the pH level which is to be maintained between 3.1 and 3.3.

To perform the above-mentioned test without any issue, and the efficient and standardized machine must be used such as Presto’s CASS cum salt spray chamber. This machine is a type of paint, plating & coating testing Instrument. It is a highly accurate and advanced set up which is utilized for assessment of corrosion resistance strength in surface coatings on exposure of a salt-laden environment. The chamber can simulate the external real-life corrosive conditions inside itself. To offer highly accurate testing results, the machine is designed under various international testing standards such as ASTM B117, ASTM B368 - 09 and JIS Z 2371.

Equipped with multiple automated features, it lessens the work of an operator and provides maximum time for your assessment. The HMI based Touchscreen allows exploring a wide range of parameters for generating a controlled environment in the chamber.

Fiber reinforced body triple walled body with offer reduced heat loss leading to better operations.

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