All you want know about BOD Incubators

All you want know about BOD Incubators

The Biochemical Oxygen Demand or BOD Incubators are highly effective testing chambers utilized majorly in microbiological labs for growing cell cultures and for testing purpose. They provide controlled temperature conditions for accelerated tests conducted on microorganisms.  

The BOD test is an empirical test method in which standardized laboratory procedures are used to determine the relative oxygen requirements of microbes in wastewaters, effluents, and polluted waters. It is basically a chemical process that determines how fast biological organisms use up oxygen in a body of water for the biochemical degradation of organic material.
The BOD Methodology
It is a quantitative expression of microbe’s ability to deplete the oxygen content of a wastewater. This depletion takes place due to the microbes consuming organic matter in the water via aerobic respiration. This type of respiration uses oxygen as an electron acceptor, and the organic material being consumed provides the energy source. This organic matter also undergoes oxidation without the aid of microbes, which can be measured using the chemical oxygen demand (COD) procedure.
The method consists of placing a sample in a full, airtight bottle and incubating the bottle under specified conditions for a specific time. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) (amount of oxygen present in a water body) is measured initially and after incubation. The BOD is computed from the difference between the initial and final DO.
The Testing Apparatus
Presto's Biochemical Oxygen Demand Incubator also known as BOD incubator is a very useful testing instrument which is introduced with technology-based features that made setting the test parameters and recording test results easy. The instrument is provided with high insulation with imported glass wool ergonomics that gives a low heat retention. It is a user-friendly instrument that can be operated easily by anyone. The machine is planned to keep in mind the user comfort as a significant parameter. It is equipped with digital controls that provide the results in digital format.
Few key features we deliver:
Temperature controls through PT-100 sensor for maintaining uniformity in the test.
High grade imported glass wool insulation for resisting excess heat loss which may disturb the internal testing conditions.
Maximum thermal efficiency by insulation means.
SSR-based heaters for providing effective heating conditions.
Fan relay for uniform air circulation inside the chamber.
Applications: Plants & Insects studies, Fermentation studies, Bacteria culturing and Biochemical oxygen demand test.

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