Analyse weight distribution in sections with Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

Analyse weight distribution in sections with Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

 PET bottles are widely used to fill in beverages and carbonated drinks. The cause might be that they can be modified in multiple shapes, sizes and attractive colors. They do not react with the chemicals used in beverages and remain intact under varied pressures and temperature. The factors of these bottles keep the flavor and color of the drink. They are processed with hot temperature molding and low temperature cooling for their quality in packaging.

Testing PET bottles and plastic containers for quality analysis, perpendicularity, weight analysis, even wall strain distribution and thickness are a necessity. Section Weight Analysis is a destructive type of testing. Weight analysis is to analyze equal weight distribution throughout the container.
Presto Hot Wire bottle cutter is specially designed to evaluate the quality of these bottles by cutting them into three parts. The bottle sample is adjusted and placed on the holders. Wire is heated to a temperature and allowed to cut the bottle into lower base, middle cylindrical and upper part. With cutting them into parts, it is insured that the weight of the liquid is evenly distributed to all the parts. It assures improving divided pressure and weight.
The heating of wire is regulated with voltage regulator. The voltage at what the wires are heated can be displayed on the digital display. It has sliding platforms and moving holders for placing the sample properly. A holder can be adjusted according to the height of the bottle too. These clamps ensure proper grip over the sample during the test.
Hot Wire Bottle Cutter has a stable base with two Kanthal Heating wires for cutting them into three parts. It has dimensions as per 800 mm* 495 mm* 245 mm. Diameter of Bottle neck holder is 21.74 mm. The test sample of capacities 200 ml to 2500 ml and with largest possible diameter of 110 mm which can be precisely cut for quality specification with ease. The cutting wire tension can be adjusted for exact cut. The number of wires can be modified according to the need of quality and weight distribution. The test needs to be performed with higher accuracy and concentration for, later inspection and analysis of the weight distribution. The instrument is a best option to evaluate the quality of the bottles with firm parts of distribution.


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