Analyze Life Of Print On Labels With Scuff Resistance Tester

Analyze Life Of Print On Labels With Scuff Resistance Tester

 When products are transported from one place to another place, they are printed with some details or labeled with stickers. The labels have information about the product like product name, quantity, date of manufacturing and expiry, composition and much more. Due to rubbing against surfaces at the time of transport, the label may get cleared losing all the information about the parcel. The misplacement of parcels because of this reason, can cost much to the manufacturing industries. Every product that is out in the market is being packaged and labeled with all its details even including price. Many food packaging, medicines, large corrugated cardboards have imprinted details or pasted stickers. 

There is a need to check the rub resistance of the labels or films of paper and packaging industries. There is a tester out for help i.e. Scuff Resistance tester, which checks with fading of prints due to rubbing surfaces. Scuff Resistance Testers applies the same method of rub resistance which checks the sample by rubbing two printed surfaces facing against each other. The samples are treated with multiple rotations to note at what point the films are losing their prints. This device can test paper, film, corrugated box samples.
Presto Scuff Resistance Tester is available in Digital and HMI touch Screen Models. This instrument is fed with circular cut samples of 48mm and 120mm. Both samples are placed facing against each other in between the clamps. There is digital rotational stroke value which can be set to 9999 cycles at its maximum value. The test is started with placing a weight of 2 psi (can be modified to 4psi) so that the specimen remains at its place. The spinning speed of sample weight and specimen holding fixtures is synchronized with the rotational speed of 60rpm, which is fixed. A number of rotations can be determined which causes enough resistance creating the fade in prints or scuffing. HMI Scuff Resistance Tester with a blower ensures that dust and dirt particles remain away for accurate results. The data can be easily recorded and stored. Even history data of previous tests like date and time of test, cycle count can also be stored in the HMI model. The features of Presto Scuff Resistance Tester at an easy price make it preferable for the scuff tests.


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