Assess Friction of Plastic Rolls with Coefficient Of Friction Tester

Assess Friction of Plastic Rolls with Coefficient Of Friction Tester

 Working in virtually all the facets of lives, friction is an unseen force that permits or stops the movement between two surfaces. Coefficient of friction (COF) is the ratio of the force of friction that makes contact between two objects and a surface. A packaging film’s coefficient of friction gives a relative indication of frictional features. COF is an important physical index of plastic films or sheets.

Flexible packaging films must have a proper coefficient of friction. If the COF is too high, it will need a higher pulling force to loosen up the roll of the plastic film. As a consequence, the production efficiency is in danger and the plastic film may be deformed after it is stretched. And if the COF is too low, the films slip or fall off from the roll, which may stop production leading to unnecessary production cost. The manufacturers must control COF and select appropriate packaging material by conducting COF tests.

Several factors affect the COF of flexible packaging films like lubricants, additives, temperature, surface texture etc. Manufacturers can set the COF of films by changing those factors with respect to COF test results. COF on separate surfaces of the same material may be different. In order to evaluate the COF of flexible packaging materials, the appropriate surface must be adopted. At the time of production of flexible materials, friction can exist between two different surfaces in various processes. The effect of coefficients of friction of various surfaces may vary to the final packing materials. For instance, if COF is too low, the packing materials gets slipped which makes unappropriated sealing edges. If it is too high, it becomes difficult to open the packaging while filling.
Co-efficient Of Friction Tester determines the coefficient of initial and sliding friction of papers, films, plastic sheets and pipes. The test analyses the stacking ability of plastic films and sheets. The test supports the manufacturers in the plastic industry to prevent accidents that happen due to problems in packaging, loading and transmitting goods.
COF Tester also helps to detect the uneven thickness of sheets that leads to increased friction causing uneven strength of plastic material. The COF testing method involves the level of misuse a plastic material can bear without hampering the products inside.
Friction testing machine is built on a strongmetal base plate. You can get the machine with a complete instruction manual, electrical wiring diagram and a calibration certificate authorized by NABL approved labs.


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