Assess Heat Resistance of Polymers in Advanced Testing Ovens

Assess Heat Resistance of Polymers in Advanced Testing Ovens

 Extreme heat resistance is one of the defining properties of high temperature plastic also known as thermosets. Due to its light weight and chemical resistant properties, it is the high resistance that helps in elevating the performance of thermoset plastics in a demanding environment.

The older generation plastics or polymers were not able to provide the heat resistance that ceramics and metals could. There has been rapid advancement of thermoset plastics in the 1990s that gave a high level of reliability, durability and performance. Heat resistant plastics are a more versatile and good alternative to ceramics and metal. High temperature applications need plastic materials that can resist degradation and maintain enough strength and stiffness at the required temperature. Hot air oven-Touch screen are used to test how plastic materials behave under particular temperature.

Utensils that are made from steel, aluminium, and hard glass exhibit some amount of heat resistance towards hot served food items especially when they are used for cooking. But plastic melts down easily under high temperature. The manufacturer should test the resistance capability of plastic based utensils with a chamber that provides the actual heating effects in a controlled manner. So, there is a need for a high quality testing instrument that can offer the best situations to the customer.
Hot air oven-Touch screen is a time-tested machine to gauge the change in temperature. This sophisticated model is imbibed with touch screen control and upgraded features. It has 3 colors tower style alarm to alert the operator.
Working principle: It works on a very simple principle. It has fans and heaters. Heaters generate heat and the fans distribute the heat across the chamber uniformly. Heat flows in a circular motion within the chamber. As the heater heats up the air, it elevates and hits the ceiling and comes down back. The test can be performed up to a maximum of 8 hours long.
The test chamber is a proportion of the heat resistance of plastic materials. It shows the capacity of the sample to bend in a predefined shape under a fixed load to at a pre-set temperature. The exceptional features are intended to differentiate the adjustment in the physical qualities of the material. Temperature is controlled by PT-100 sensor. Accurate results under specific temperature in the chamber. Outfitted with German imported fan for homogenous warming and maintaining the temperature inside the chamber.
It is important to know the resistance strength of plastic materials against dry heat. To ascertain the behaviour of polymer substances that are exposed to high temperature. A right and precision based quality control are vital as the testing machine.  


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