Assess Material Color With Colour Matching Cabinet

Assess Material Color With Colour Matching Cabinet

 Colors are all around us and widely used in industries to develop an eye-catching new impact. Textile, cosmetics paper, plastic, paint industries are functional industries in this matter. Multiple colors are mixed and matched to obtain a new color. Some colors have a property of metamerism that is same under one light source but seems different under some other light source.

This property of reflecting different colors from the same material can affect the choice of color or customer dissatisfaction on time of purchase of a fabric. To reduce the conditions of metamerism, samples can be tested under different light sources before finalizing them for production. The samples can be fabric, paint, a plastic film and so on.

Presto Color matching cabinet is a coherent device to test the colored samples under different light sources. There is a color viewing cabinet for visual assessment. A sample can be placed to test and match the color. The sample is placed on a viewing booth which is elevated at an angle of 45°.The device is equipped with five different light sources D-65-Artificial daylight (2 in no.), TFL light tungsten filament (4 in no.), TL- 84 Light-Point of sale (1 in no.), one UVB light (Ultra Violet) and one CWF light (Cool White Fluorescent). These light sources can be easily controlled with switches on and off.
The machine adheres to international standards of ISO 3664, BS 950, ASTM D1729 and DIN 6173. It is equipped with an imported hour meter which can totalize time up to 99999.9 hours. The viewing area is with an angle of 45 degrees while light falls at sample with an angle of 90 degrees. The color matching cabinet is colored with a neutral color so that it doesn’t affect sample color matching. This apparatus is corrosion resistant too. This ensures that there will be no erroneous visual of light over the sample and gives satisfactory results. 


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